Your assignment: Each week pick any one of the indicated programs below, broadcast on UTEP's FM radio station (88.5 MHz), and write a listener report.  Your report should cover at least 30 minutes of listening, and must list details of what items were covered, plus a paragraph with your own comments on what you heard. 

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[REVISED INSTRUTIONS:] Post this via the class dropbox. Reports must be at least two good paragraphs long, and must be posted by Saturday midnight each week.

Reports must be on one of the programs shown below (or any special news report), and may not be on purely musical programming. All reports must indicate the day and times when you listened to the program, the title of the program, and all the main contents of the program.

This assignment is worth 10% of your semester grade, and will be graded on completeness and quality.

All reports are due online by November 29 before class.

KTEP Weekly Program Schedule: Pick only these programs for assignment.

  Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs Fri. Sat.
5am   Morning Edition 
From NPR
6am All things considered
9am All things considered   New Dimensions
11am Latino USA  On Film / Good to Grow
11:30am New Letters on the Air  State of the Arts 
State of the Arts
12pm   Fresh Air
Zorba Pastor on Your Health
Zorba Paster on Your Health 
1pm Senior Junction
1:30pm Perspectives
2pm Marketplace Money 
3pm All Things Considered
4pm All Things Considered   
A Prairie Home Companion
5pm This American Life
6pm A Chef's Table   
7pm Science Studio 
7:30pm Making Contact / Animal Concerns of Texas
8pm Living On Earth
9pm New Dimensions
Schedule may change at any time without notice. Programs not noted here are not eligible for assignment.

Schedule reproduced under fair use for classroom purposes only, and is subject to modification by KTEP-FM at any time. Graphics reproduced under fair use to promote listenership.

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