UNIV 1301 collective Research Project due by Nov. 24, 2010.

Seven to ten pages / Ten sources. Includes presentation.

Express and defend your opinions on any one of the following issues (your choice):

  1. Any particular religious belief (the Catholic faith, a particular Protestant or Evangelical faith, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, LDS, Jehovah's Witnesses, or some other specific religious belief).

  2. Atheism or agnosticism.

  3. Feminism

  4. Pacifism

  5. Postmodernism

  6. Marxism (incl. socialism, communism)

  7. Anarchism

Other recommended subjects:

Or some other serious public theme, with Instructor's permission. These lists are subject to change at any time before subjects are approved.



For your final University Seminar assignment, you will be asked to form groups of two or three students. Your University Studies collective project will be to research and produce a seven to ten page persuasive report in classical ISARC format, and an in-class presentation on one of the subjects indicated below, directly related to the theme of the course. DO NOT simply collect a large number of facts and present them in a "For Beginners" format.

Your collective needs to research at least ten sources on your topic in the library and on Internet. For Library help, please contact your personal librarian:

Your University 1301 collective project will require research. This assignment includes the preparation of a written paper and an oral presentation. Your collective must select and agree on a preferred topic and submit it to the instructor for approval no later than the 2nd week of class. 

Oral reports will be scheduled during the second half of the course, and the finished paper will be due November 24, 2010.

Although I encourage you to consult encyclopedias on subjects about which you are unfamiliar, you may not use or quote from Wikipedia or other encyclopedias (hardcopy or online) to count for your ten sources. 

The goal of this assignment is for you to learn to research an unfamiliar specialized subject, and to form and argue an expert standpoint on that small subject.

Your finished project must be 7 fat-free pages in length if your collective is two persons, 10 fat-free pages if your collective consists of three persons. Either submit a traditional written report by posting it online, carefully following the required length specifications, or create a persuasive website on the subject including 7 to 10 different linked web pages. All final projects are due on line by Nov. 24.


You will be asked to do a seven-to-ten minute collective oral presentation on your chosen topic. The presentation MUST include some creative multimedia component (PowerPoint, music, food, dance, etc.) and may not consist of simply reading your paper! Failure to comply with this instruction will result in loss of credit for the entire presentation. You WILL BE GRADED on your oral presentation as well as the paper itself.  I suggest you use Gosling and Noordam's "Giving a Great Presentation" as instructions on how to do your presentation, and things to avoid.

O.W. 8/10

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