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Weekly Quizzes


                Weekly quizzes will be posted to this page each Thursday morning.

                     Print them out from this page, complete them and turn them in no later

                             than the beginning of class the following Tuesday. Each quiz will be worth

                          10 points. There will be 14 quizzes during the semester. They will take on

the following formats which will vary from week to week:


                       *    10 multiple choice questions - 1 point each

*    An essay question, or

                                                  *    An identification question or questions.


                  All of the quizzes will be taken from 1) lectures, 2) text readings or, 3)

                   specific subjects addressed in website links found on this website. An

          individual quiz may encompass any or all of these components.


    The format for the in-class mid-term exam and the final exam will be posted on the Study Guide web page at the appropriate time.


Important Note!


        You all have access to computers at the various lab sites on campus,

especially LACIT (you pay a hefty technology fee each semester for

this) so excuses such as:


                                                    ........I don't have a computer

                                                    ........I couldn't get to LACIT on time

                                                    ........My printer broke down

                                                    ........I don't know how to use a computer

                                                    ........And a whole lot of others


will not be accepted!