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I am proud to introduce myself as a graphic designer and letterer. I very much enjoy what I do, and love that I will continue creating for a living. I strive to provide unique designs that communicate their purpose thoroughly, while still maintaining a simplistic appeal. I have special interests in hand lettering, identity design and posters.

I have always taken great pleasure in drawing my own letters for posters, Christmas Cards, and the like. I highly value design work that is done by hand. I take advantage of every opportunity to apply a hands-on approach. This process gives the final product personality, as it becomes completely unique. I also enjoy using different types of ornaments for the elegance that these provide. I am inspired by the ornamentation and typography found in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements. I greatly admire Louise Fili’s and Jessica Hische’s hand lettering designs because they are inventive and attractive.

Identity design satisfies my need for structure and direction. The ability to communicate a message through simplified images gives me a great sense of fulfillment, as I know I am creating for a purpose. In a similar way, posters give me an opportunity to communicate a specific idea, but with a little bit more flexibility. I am inspired by the compositions of Polish and American poster design of the 1930s, and also the work of Milton Glaser.

My designs generally resonate with a sense of lightheartedness and simplicity. I want my work to reflect my spirited personality, while maintaining professionalism and the purpose each piece serves. This creates a connection between my designs and myself. I achieve this sense of playfulness using rounded corners, bold colors and simple compositions. Each day I continue to explore the world around me in search of new inspirations and ways to implement my skills.

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Seeking to join a creative team in the field of Graphic Design, in order to apply my creative skills and to gain new experience.
The University of Texas at El Paso Fall 2013–Present
Undergraduate Student
  • Bachelor of Arts undergraduate majoring in Graphic Design with a minor in Communication Studies
  • Anticipated graduation date: December 2015
  • Overall GPA: 3.82; Graphic Design Concentration GPA: 3.66; Communications Studies Minor: 4.0
  • Graduating with honors: Magna Cum Laude
El Paso Community College Fall 2010–Spring 2015
  • Associate of Arts Degree—May 2014
J.M. Hanks High School Fall 2006–Spring 2010
timeline graphic
Academic Technologies at
The University of Texas at El Paso
Graphic Designer—Undergraduate Assistant
  • Design promotions for campus apps
  • Design graphics for events, apps and websites
  • Currently designing a user interface for the Undergraduate Learning Center Classrooms
Catholic Newman Center
(Campus Ministry at UTEP)
  • Design flyers, brochures, invitations, and other media for promotion and events
  • Design online graphics for advertising on our social media pages and website
  • Assist with promotion of our center in various aspects
  • Collaborate and communicate well with all who are involved in our ministry
  • Welcome newcomers and answer questions as needed
  • Manage budget, file, answer telephones, and other basic office duties.
Activity Aide
  • Presented new ideas and incorporated them into our after-school program
  • Organized and supervised art activities and stimulated creativity within the children
  • Communicated well with parents and other adults
  • Trained newly hired activity leaders
Academic Technologies at The University of
Texas at El Paso,
August 2014–Present
  • Halloween Pumpkin display
  • Helped build displays
  • Digitally illustrated pumpkins for the interactive app, which allowed viewers to move the pumpkins included in the display
  • Project Move (City-wide community service event, organized by The University of Texas at El Paso)
  • Photographer for documentation of event
  • Assisted with book fair activities with children
  • Science and Engineering Extravaganza
  • Photographer for stages throughout the event
  • Created informational video for one room during the event.
San Antonio De Padua Catholic Church
Fall 2008–Present
  • Create designs for advertising events
  • Assistance and participation in the Youth Group and Young Adult Ministries
  • Leadership in meetings and events
  • Participation in the organization of several retreats
  • Young Adult Director of San Antonio Teen A.C.T.S. (Adoration, Community, Theology, and Service) retreat in the summer of 2011
design skill levels diagram: Adobe Illustrator 9.5, Adobe Photoshop 6.5, Adobe InDesign 7.5, Adobe Dreamweaver 4, Handlettering 7, Drawing 6.5, Concept 8, Apps 8, Web 4
other skill levels diagram: Communication 9, Cooperation 9, Creativity 9, Organizing 9, HTML & CSS coding 6.5
Efficient in both MS Windows and Mac OS X
Types at a rate of approximately 66 wpm
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