Bonanza Bottling Co.

Bonanza Bottling Co. Logo

Bonanza is a new bottling and soda company that offers traditional flavors as well as flavors with a special “kick,” “zest,” and “vigor”.
The logo aims to showcase Bonanza Bottling Company's contemporary appeal, while still remaining traditional at heart. The word “Bonanza,” was hand-lettered to give the logo some personality. The type is sans serif and includes a sort of shadow in order to give it an old-fashioned soda shop feel. Included is a swished line that illustrates the extra kick, zest, vigor and sass that is added to the company's soda flavors. The integrated bubbles complete the logo, creating a connection between the logo and the company's carbonated drinks. Finally, the analogous color scheme exemplifies the contemporary look, while remaining fun and eye-catching.

Bonanza Stationery