Classroom Control Interface

Interface Display

The University of Texas at El Paso's Academic Technologies Department is located in the Undergraduate Learning Center (UGLC) building. Each classroom in this building is equipped with an application that allows professors to control lighting, projection, audio, and the like. Due to concerns from professors regarding glitches and usability issues, the staff decided a program upgrade for the classroom control was needed. I was assigned to design the user interface for the app and was teamed up with two programmers who made my graphics come to life. The interface was to resonate a feeling of technology, while remaining simple and user-friendly for the professors.

Buttons close up inactive and active versions: Power, Logoff, Help, Settings, Left Computer, Right Computer, Laptop, Blank Screen, Airplay, Document Camera, Chromecast, Movie, Slideshow, Movie Notes, Full lighting, Volume Mute, Volume Minimum, Volume Middle, Volume, Maximum