Giant Steps

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Portrait Picture

Giant Steps specializes in retail sales of clothing, playthings, and books for children from toddler to age ten. Products are geared toward parents who want the best for their kids, but who understand the difference between style and substance, between gimmicky trends and lasting value. These parents have an educated sense of design and an appreciation for practical, durable, and affordable merchandise. They understand the value of quality combined with economy. Even so, the products are ultimately geared toward the children so that the products they use are comfortable, durable, and most importantly, playable fun.

The logo aims to showcase Giant Steps' contemporary appeal, while still remaining fun and kid-friendly. The words “giant steps” are presented in a sans-serif typeface with rounded edges in order to give the logo a playful look that is attractive to children, as well as their parents. The contrasting thin lines of the typeface used for “Wear. Play. Learn.” resonates that the brand is fashionable as well as affordable. The dinosaurs are inviting to children, and their varied sizes represent family, as well as growth. The increasing sizes emphasize that the store provides for growing children. The three dinosaurs and the three colors represent that Giant Steps offers three categories of merchandise: clothing, toys, and books. The verbs “Wear. Play. Learn.” create a call-to-action phrase, which invites parents and children to come shop. Finally, the full color scheme is friendly and inviting, while maintaining a sense of sophistication. Guidlines for the usage of the logo can be found in the Standards Guide

Vinyl records have made a striking comeback. These vinyl records serve to encourage quality time between parents and their children. The varieties accommodate to different age groups, and the illustrations and provided lyrics allow for children to interact with the covers while they enjoy the music.

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