IMGP0549.jpgWelcome New Faculty party. Shizue with Mariachi. Sep 2008
group3.jpg Shizue's first group (Feb 2009)

Shizue won the NOVA Superbowl promo and we had a free pizza party!

IMGP1766.jpgStudents brought a cake to the class!

Cake and chocolates from students on Shizue's birthday!! Feb 2009

IMGP1668.jpgGo Miners!

Basketball game at UTEP, Feb 2009

IMGP1927.jpgGroundbreaking for the new chemistry building!! Mar 2009
IMGP2103.jpgShining star!?

We hung Lone Star to shine on our lab! April 2009

IMGP2697.jpgSummer 2009 members

(Esteban, Zack, Allyssa, Daniel, Daniel)

IMGP3974.jpgAllyssa's birthday!

Group members (Zack, Daniel, Allyssa) + Ricardo: Nov 2009

IMGP0457.jpgBeautiful sky!

In the front of the Chemistry building.

IMGP3708.jpgChemistry building

Shizue's office is the middle of the top floor


Professors Ogasawara and Terao visited UTEP. Nov 2009

IMGP3912.jpgACS Southwest regional meeting at El Paso

Speakers of "Organometallics in Organic Synthesis" (ACS SWRM) Nov 2009

IMGP4478.jpgManeki neko

I hope they will bring grants to our lab.... (Yes, they did!)

IMGP3453.jpg9.11 in the campus, 2009
CIMG3225.jpgHomecoming parade! Sep 2009
IMGP4083.jpgSnow in El Paso!! 11/30/09
IMGP4673.jpgNew Chemistry building is under construction!

More construction photos

IMGP4698.jpgShizue in the construction site

With Dr. Narayan, Dr. Michael and Dr. Nunez

IMGP4625.jpgShizue's Birthday #1

Jacobb made a cake with red benzene(?) for Shizue's birthday! It was very good! Feb 2010.

IMGP4649a.jpgShizue's Birthday #2

Daniel brought a cake for Shizue's "revival" birthday with wrong name "Shizwe".... But I'm very happy! Feb 2010.

IMGP4902.jpgWelcome Party for everyone

+ Party for congratulating Shizue for receiving the Welch Research Grant!

my95pix950413101459.jpgShizue was taken photos for Faculty Recruitment magazine. April 2010
IMGP5042.jpgPre-commencement May 2010

Daniel will graduate!
(From left: Daniel, Shizue, Susumu)

IMGP5166a.jpg“topping out” event for the new chemistry building! May 2010.

We wrote our name (and our chemistry) on the roof for the new building!

IMGP5170a.jpgShizue with other professors at "topping out" event.

You can tell how small she is....

IMGP5375.jpgShizue with Professor Osuka@NM, July 2010
IMGP5440.jpgPizza party #1, July 2010
IMGP5441.jpgPizza party #2, July 2010

What are you looking at?

IMGP5544.jpgFarewell party for Susumu, Aug 2010
IMGP5561a.jpgSusumu at ACS meeting in Boston, Aug 2010
IMGP5716.jpgMembers Fall 2010 (on Daniel's Birthday!)
IMGP6058.jpgCommencement, December 2010

(From left: Carlos, Monica, Shizue, Sarah)

三刀先生1[2].jpgShizue@Kyoto University

With Professors Tsuji and Fujiwara, Jan, 2011

IMG_3204.jpgShizue@Kyoto University

With Professors Osuka, Yorimitsu and Aratani, and Ms. Katada, Jan, 2011

CIMG1465.JPGShizue@Tokyo University of Science

With Professor Hayashi and his group. Jan. 2011

CIMG1469.JPGShizue@Tokyo University of Science

With Professors Hayashi, Saito and Shiina. Jan. 2011

P1120047.jpgShizue@Nagoya University

With Professor Shinokubo and his group Jan, 2011

IMGP6358.jpgShizue's birthday

Students brought a cake to celebrate her 3rd birthday at El Paso!! Feb 2011

IMGP6405.jpgNew Chemistry building

It is almost there! Feb 2011

IMGP6573.jpgView from campus

You can see Mexico from the campus.

IMGP6657.jpgPresident Obama visited El Paso!

Shizue attended the Remarks by President Obama in El Paso! May 2011

IMGP6615.jpgShizue with UTEP President Diana Natalicio

In the event of "Remarks by President Obama" May 2011

IMGP7142a.jpgDiego at UTEP Summer Research Meeting, July 2011
IMGP7145.jpgAllyssa at LSAMP Summer Research meeting with Sudhakar, July 2011
IMGP7286.jpgShizue at IUPAC meeting, Aug 2011
IMGP7367.jpgLunch on Zack's last day, Sep 2011 (From left: Yoony, Co-Co, Zack, Bobby, Diego)
IMGP7385.jpgWelcome Party for Ash at Shizue's house. Sep 2011.
IMGP7504.jpgOur lab in the new building! (Still under construction) Oct 2011

We are going to move December 2011.

IMGP7466.jpgNew lab is almost ready! Oct 2011
IMGP7559.jpgWe went to a new building tour. Oct 2011
IMGP7565a.jpgHappy Halloween! It's such a delightful surprise to see my students as cats in my lab! Oct 2011.

Meow meow!!

IMG_0178.jpgDiego and Shizue did 5K run for Science! She won the medal! (With Dr. Echegoyen)
DSC01828_2.jpgDr. Ito (University of Tokyo) visited UTEP, Nov 2011 (with Rie: Exchange Japanese student)
IMGP7668.jpgThe first day of the Moving!! Dec 2011

Box box box....

IMGP7663.jpgNew Lab! Chemicals.... Need to be sorted. Dec 2011
IMG_0193.jpgMoving requires a lot of work.... Dec 2011
IMG_0187.jpgACS Christmas Party (with Dr. Pannell's group + Drs. Nunez and Gunn) Dec 2011
IMGP7721.jpgShizue at Hokkaido University , Jan 2012
IMGP7756.jpgShizue visited Tohoku University (With Professors Shimizu and Furumoto), Jan 2012
IMG_9079.jpgDr. Shimizu took me to Chusonji-temple! Jan 2012
IMGP7836.jpgNew Chemistry building, Feb 2012
IMGP7843.jpgShizue stays 27 years old forever. Cake from students!! This is ◯th her 27th birthday, Feb 2012
IMG_0204.jpgNew Chemistry building, Opening day!! (ribbon-cutting ceremony) March 2012
IMGP7832.jpgThis is the way we communicate.
IMGP7887.jpgSudden hailstorm, Mar 2012
IMGP7924.jpgRunning Solar reaction on the roof! The city you can see is Juárez, Mexico!
P1010041.jpgYoony at ACS meeting in San Diego, Mar 2012
P1010043.jpgAsh at ACS meeting in San Diego, Mar 2012
IMGP7953.jpgDiego at the UTEP COURI Symposium, April 2012
IMGP7954.jpgFernando at the UTEP COURI Symposium. He won the 2nd place in Chemistry! April 2012
IMG_0216.jpgCake on Sudhakar's birthday! April 2012
IMGP7960.jpgFarewell dinner. All the best to Ash! April 2012
IMGP7984.jpgSuper moon in El Paso! May 2012
IMGP8010.jpgIn a rare rain! ♪Somewhere over the rainbow....♪
IMGP8019.jpgEnd of the semester party at Shizue's house. May 2012
IMGP8017.jpgStrong, reliable and cheerful fellows! (at the party) May 2012
IMGP8029.jpgAre you looking for my office?Cats tell you where it is. Meow♪
IMGP8148.jpgShizue's favorite manekineko (beckoning cats) which are the Seven Deities of Good Luck.
IMGP8056.jpgWelcome party for Teresita at Shizue's house! May 2012

I didn't put my camera on flat place..

IMGP8057.jpgWelcome party for Teresita at Shizue's house! May 2012 (with her cat!)
IMG_0278.jpgMy lab used to be (in the old building). Nostalgia runs deep.
IMGP8113.jpgDr. Kumagai (Institute of Microbial Chemistry, Japan) visited UTEP, June 2012

I took him to Mesilla, NM

IMGP8221.jpgFerny at UTEP Summer Research Meeting, July 2012
IMGP8223.jpgBryan at UTEP Summer Research Meeting, July 2012
IMGP8228.jpgTeresita at UTEP Summer Research Meeting, July 2012
IMGP8226.jpgAt UTEP Summer Research Meeting, July 2012
IMGP8227.jpgAt UTEP Summer Research Meeting, July 2012
IMGP8232.jpgTeresita's farewell party! All the best to Teresita! July 2012
IMGP8260.jpgShizue visited University of Chicago (with Susumu!) Aug 2012
IMGP8273.jpgWelcome party for Rosty! August 2012
IMGP8272.jpgWelcome party for Rosty! (with Shizue's witchy cat, Mao) August 2012
Picture 3.pngFarewell party! All the best to Rosty! Alles Gute! September 2012
IMGP8384.jpgFarewell party! All the best to Rosty! Alles Gute! September 2012
DSCN0847.jpgCheerful evening in the farewell party for Rosty! September 2012
IMGP8514.jpgGroup members on Ashley's birthday!! October 2012
IMGP8540a.jpgDave is the 2012 recipient of the Welch Award! The Welch conference was like a reunion (with Prof. David Evans, Drs. Dunn and Welch). Oct 2012
IMGP8725.jpgFarewell party! All the best to Ashley and Ferny! December 2012
IMGP8740.jpgHappy New "Year of Snake"! 2013
IMGP9044.jpgGroup members on Bryan's birthday!! January 2013
IMGP9144a.jpgStudents threw Shizue a surprise birthday party!!! She is very happy! Feb 2013
IMGP9269.jpgBelated Welcome party for Quang! March 2013
IMGP9312.jpgSudhakar at ACS meeting in New Orleans April 2013
IMGP9424.jpgGabriel at the UTEP COURI Symposium, April 2013 with Sudhakar
IMG_0567.jpgJorge is a great artist!
DSC00264.jpgWith summer intern students! (Jose, Mengwei, Jessica)
20130611_150836.jpgSummer 2013 members!!
IMGP9510.jpgWe are pleased to announce the Column Queen 2013! Mengwei :)
DSC00495.jpgBelated Welcome Party for Summer 2013 members!!

More party photos

DSC00497.jpgBelated welcome party for Summer 2013 members!!

More tanabata photos

DSC00561.jpgTanabata festival! July 2013
DSC00365.jpgJong (Caption anyone?)
DSC00571.jpgI WANT YOU to clean the glassware!!! (by Jorge)

More COURI photos

DSC_0838.jpg2013 Summer UTEP COURI Symposium. August 2013
IMGP9549.jpgAt the UTEP COURI Symposium. Diego won the 2nd place among more than 100 posters!! August 2013
IMGP9550.jpgFarewell Party + Welcome Niklas! August 2013
IMGP9576.jpgHappy Birthday Quang! September 2013
DSC_0571.jpgFerewell party for Niklas! Alles Gute! September 2013
IMGP9589.jpgJong's Korean class!
IMGP9624.jpgThanksgiving party! November 2013
IMG_0817.jpgMy students gave me LEGO. It's perfect for me! (Female chemist with a cat :))
IMG_0840.jpgChristmas tree in the lab! December 2013
IMGP9627.jpgThe end-of-semester party! December 2013
IMGP9650 copy.jpgShizue@Osaka University, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences @the bench she used to work when she was an undergraduate :) With professors Fujioka, Arisawa and Murai, Jan 2014
mariachi.jpgOn Shizue's birthday students asked her to come to downstairs. What a surprise! There was a mariachi band, and they played Feliz Cumpleaños! What wonderful students she has!

Videos are here :)

0214141421.jpgShizue's birthday. A student's mom made a cake :)
20140402.jpgJorge's birthday. After the cake time. April 2014
IMG_1415.jpgAnwar at the 4th UTEP COURI Symposium, April 2014
IMG_1420.jpgAi at the 4th UTEP COURI Symposium, April 2014
IMG_1430.jpgJorge at the 4th UTEP COURI Symposium, April 2014 with Quang
IMG_1423.jpgSal at the 4th UTEP COURI Symposium, April 2014
IMG_1433.jpgYay! Shizue received the best mentor award at the UTEP COURI Symposium, April 2014. Thank you all for your hard work!
photo copy.jpgThese are what I got for the award. A carrot and a ruler. I need to feed and whip my students!
photo[1] copy.jpg@Commencement w/ Sal &Brian! Congratulations! May 2014
photo 2.jpgSal was selected as one of Students Reflect on Centennial Gratuation! He was on the screen on the commencement!
IMGP9684.jpgThe end-of-semester + Welcome Hima party! May 2014
IMGP9902.jpgWelcome party for Kei, Emma, Leon, and Daniela! June 2014
IMG_1893.jpgJong's Bye-bye lunch, July 2014
IMG_1909.jpgAnwar@LSAMP Symposium, July 2014
DSCN0798.jpgShizue's opera performance!? July 2014
EMMA PRESENTATION.jpgEmma@COURI Symposium August 2014
IMGP9928.jpgJorge@COURI Symposium August 2014
IMGP9927.jpgMarcus@COURI Symposium August 2014
Kei.jpgKei@COURI Symposium August 2014
IMGP9925.jpgDaniel@COURI Symposium August 2014
Anwar presentation.jpgAnwar@COURI Symposium August 2014
IMGP9930.jpgLeon@COURI Symposium August 2014
IMGP9933.jpgCOURI Symposium, August 2014
IMGP9935.jpg@Daniela's poster, COURI Symposium, August 2014
IMGP9940.jpgEveryone@COURI Symposium, August 2014
IMGP9944.jpgEveryone@COURI Symposium (After presentation), August 2014
IMGP9962.jpgFarewell Emma, Leon, Daniela, Kei + Welcome Daniel party! August 2014
IMG_1927.jpgGirls@party!! (Including Mao!), August 2014
IMG_0956.jpgGroup trip to the White Sands, August 2014
IMG_0971.jpgGroup trip to the White Sands, August 2014
IMG_1011.jpgGroup trip to the White Sands, August 2014
daniel dinner.jpgFerewell dinner for Daniel! Vielen Dank! Alles Gute! September 2014
BBRC Group photo.jpgGroup photo of the Border Biomedical Research Center (BBRC). Can you find me?
Sir Harry Kroto.jpgSir Harry Kroto visited UTEP! November 2014
IMG_3152 copy.jpgOn Shizue's birthday, students brought me a huge cake with candles---Yes, Shizue is forever 27 years old :)
20150213.jpgShizue's birthday dinner with students :D She had a fabulous day!
JorgeACS.jpgJorge's presentaion at the ACS meeting in Denver. March 2015
IMGP0023.jpgShizue is sometimes a pianist.
Sudhakar candidate.jpgSudhakar's Ph.D Candidate Celebration (with Quang). Almost there!!! April 2015
Jorge poster.jpgJorge is a model for the COURI symposium poster!
Jorge poster presen.jpgJorge's presentaion at the Spring COURI symposium. He won the first place in Chemistry & Biochemistry!! Congratulations! April 2015
COURI2015.jpgSpring COURI symposium! April 2015
Quang on stage.jpgQuang got the award of "outstanding teaching by graduate student!" At the award ceremony! April 2015
quang outstanding.jpgQuang got the award of "outstanding teaching by graduate student!" Great :))) April 2015
IMG_4031.JPGPre-commencement. Sudhakar, Gabriel, Jorge, and Cecilio will graduate! May 2015
IMG_4040.JPGPre-commencement. Sudhakar got the outstanding thesis Award! May 2015
IMG_4047.jpgSudhakar's Doctral Reception (with Quang). May 2015
IMGP0092.jpgFind what is wrong with this picture :D... After the Commencement. May 2015