Fall, 2015 Opposing Source Analysis

Please be sure to answer all questions. (Do not leave any blank!) Each writing group must send up 3 Opposing Source Analyses--send up each Source Analysis separately.

Writing group members (list all who participate)

Group issue and standpoint

Citation for source you are using:


Gough,  N. R. (2009). Training for peer review. Science Signaling 2 (85). 1. Retrieved from http://www.sciencesignaling.org

1. What type of source is this?

Website only.
Scholarly journal article.
Popular-level opinion article, Editorial, Wiki or Blog
Chapter from a book.

2. Why do you think this source was created or put online?

3a. Who is the intended audience of this source? (Scholars, the general public, Republicans, young people, women, men, scientists, Texans, plumbers, etc.) Note: Do not answer "everyone," or "anyone who reads this!"

3b. How might the sponsors have shaped the perspective of this source?
3c. How might consideration of the intended audience have shaped the perspective of this source?

4. What biases or other special factors might have shaped the message of this source?

5. Very briefly summarize this source's main argument in your own words in the space provided below. Do not directly quote the source!  

6. How exactly does this source contradict, oppose or disagree with your own standpoint? 

7. What important arguments, evidence, facts, objections or perspectives are ignored or left unanswered in this source?


7b. How exactly do you plan to refute or demolish the hostile arguments made in this source?







IMPORTANT NOTE: Click on "Upload Analysis" only ONCE. Data may take up to a minute or two to process. You should receive a confirmation when your Source Analysis goes up.

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