Fall, 2017 Welcome Survey

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1. In which section of ENGL 0312 are you enrolled?

7:30 am TTh section.
8:30 am MWF section.
9:30 am MWF section.
12:30 am MWF section.
3:00 pm MW section.

2. How well do you read and write English?

Fluently (100%)
OK (75%)
Poorly (50% or less)
Very poorly (25% or less)

What is your first or mother language?

4. For this course, you need to plan for 6 to 9 hours per week of homework (including reading, writing, studying and other tasks) each and every week throughout semester. Are you willing and ready to dedicate this amount of time to this course whenever necessary? 


No. (I understand that I am putting myself at great risk for failing the course!)
Not sure (depends on work, sports, interest or other factors.)

5. What is the main factor that might make you quit or walk away from this course?   



6. What do you most want to learn in this course?

7. What other courses are you taking this semester? (List all.) 


8. What would you particularly NOT like to have in this course? (Do not say "Homework," since this is college, and homework is required by the program.)


9. How would you best describe yourself as a student? (Check one. Please answer honestly.) 


I don't even want to be here at UTEP at all, but I'm attending because I have to. I'd much prefer to be doing something else.


I'm not really interested in this particular class but I agree to do whatever is necessary to pass.

I'm not really interested in this class but I am willing to do what's necessary to get an "A" and succeed in the course.


I am interested in this course and want to get the best grade I can, and learn everything I can in the class.



10. Below please write one brief paragraph about yourself, your life, your family, your personal interests and experiences, or anything else important about you that you want the instructor to know about . 

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