Revised assignment: On-Campus Event Reports (2)
Purpose: To promote a culture of student engagement in order to promote student success.

As an integral part of this course, you will attend at least two organized on-campus events that interest you, and report on them. These can be cultural, academic, intellectual, sports, professional or movie events sponsored, supported, permitted or allowed by the University somewhere on the actual physical campus, or events sponsored by UTEP itself off campus. Events must be open to all students.

Off-campus events that are not sponsored by UTEP (e.g., religious, social, political or fraternity events that take place off campus) do not qualify for this assignment.
Your first report, on some campus event taking place up to Sept. 30 is due in the Dropbox by Oct. 1, 8:30 am. The title of this assignment is "Event Report 1."

The second report, on an event taking place after Sept 30, 2014 is due in the Dropbox by Nov. 26 at 8:30. The title of this assignment is "Event Report 2."

These two events cannot be meetings of the same group that you report on for the Organization Report assignment (which is a completely separate assignment), or events produced or sponsored by that same campus organization.
Each report is worth 5% of your final grade for the course.  Each report must briefly discuss the following points (number your paragraphs):

If you wish, you may collaborate with other members of your Writing Group on writing these reports. However, each student who wants credit must personally attend the event in question, send in a report, and list all the group members collaborating on the report.


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