IMPORTANT: For this assignment you are NOT required to actually pay dues or to join any organization! This report must be on a UTEP-recognized group that actually meets on campus, not off campus. This assignment is due by Nov. 25, 2015 before class.

Note that recreational, religious, political and community groups that meet off campus are not appropriate for this assignment. This cannot be the same group that you use for an Event Report assignment.

You can find a list of 200+ registered student organizations at https://utep.collegiatelink.net/Organizations .

(Report is worth 10% of your semester grade)

Name(s) of student(s) submitting this report (who attended the meeting)

Group Report: Check this box if this is a Group report. If you check this box, be sure to list above the names of all Writing Group members who actually attended the organization's meeting and cooperated in writing this report..

Report (Due by Nov. 25, 2015 before class)

1. What was the name of the campus organization whose meeting you attended?
2. What was date and time of the meeting you attended?
3. What was the on-campus location of the meeting you attended?
4. About how many people were in attendance at this meeting?

5. After your first visit, list the points about this organization that you liked the most. Be sure to give enough detail for me to be sure that you really attended.

6. List the things about the organization that were not as appealing, or that raised questions in your mind. Be very specific. Do not answer "nothing."

7. What could you reasonably expect to gain, either now or in the future, from joining this organization? Also mention what you could potentially contribute to this organization if you were a member. Do not answer "nothing." Suggestion: Think in terms of potential professional or personal contacts ("Who you know, not what you know"), personal enrichment, and accomplishments you will be able to boast about some day, or that you will be able to list on your résumé in the future. Be very specific.   

7b. Check this box if you finally ended up becoming a member of this organization. (IMPORTANT: JOINING IS OPTIONAL!!!). If this is a group report, check the box only if all members of your Writing Group ended up joining the organization.

8. Certification:

(Click if true) I hereby certify that the assignment I am uploading is my own original work and has not been not copied, pasted, plagiarized, paraphrased or adapted, in whole or in part, from any other person or source, except where clearly credited in the text as such.       

IMPORTANT NOTE: Click on "Submit Report" button only ONCE. Report may take up to a minute or two to process. You should receive a confirmation when your report goes up.
  •  Suggestion: Keep a copy, screenshot or printout of the confirmation you receive in case of any future question.

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