Red Flags

(Warning signs that may indicate possibly serious emerging problems with your college career)

  •  Indecisiveness about your major, personal and career goals, or courses to take.

  •  Frequent new infectious illness, repeated bouts of "stomach flu," increased headaches, migraine, or new throat, skin, lung or bladder infections.

  •  Increased drinking, smoking, or use of illegal substances; coming to class "high."

  •  Irresponsible, promiscuous or unprotected sexual behavior; unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.

  • Ditching classes a few days before or after Spring Break, Thanksgiving, or finals.

  •  Being absent from classes for more than a week during the semester for any reason.

  •  Not communicating with professors, not checking e-mail, ignoring calls, texts, letters and phone messages.

  •  Repeatedly missing classes for family emergencies or transportation problems, for work, illness, or just out of neglect.

  •  Difficulty keeping up with coursework, falling behind on assignments, homework or readings.

  •  Letting yourself get sleep-deprived; nodding off or falling asleep over homework, textbooks, assignments, when there is a video in class, or in front of the computer. 

  •  Questioning the relevance of required courses for your major.

  •  Selecting classes without any connection to career, purpose or other goals.

  •  Unrealistic overconfidence combined with failing grades or poor prior academic record.

  •  Failure to register for next semester or to reapply for financial aid and/or housing on time; failure to complete the FAFSA.

If you live away from home:

  •  Calling home daily or spending hours daily on the phone, texting, Skype or Facebook talking to family or home folks.

  •  Making travel reservations to leave early before holidays or Spring Break, missing classes or exams.

  •  Ditching class to travel home during the semester for family events, birthdays, vacations, reunions or family trips.

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