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In case of absence, or if class is ever cancelled due to circumstances beyond Instructor control, students are still expected to complete and submit all assignments shown on this Calendar page if possible. 

Week 10--October 26-30, 2015

Monday, October 26

2. Carefully read Gosling and Noordam's "Giving a Great Presentation." Important note: This says it is for PhD's, but it is actually for anyone from high school on up!

3. Work in your Writing Group on the Final Collective Project (paper and presentation). Complete Source Analysis 2 for another opposing source used for project. Due online by 8:30 Wednesday, before Wednesday's class.

4. Weekly Argument Assignment #9: Comparison. Read Kennedy (click for link), 113-115.Then read,  Send up via Dropbox.

Directions for Argument (I suggest you do this assignment in your Writing Group):

Compare your standpoint to a specific different standpoint on the same issue, praising one and condemning the other. Be certain not to treat them separately, but together, in parallel fashion. After composing an introduction, carefully follow these steps:

  1. Describe, side-by-side, the origin of each standpoint:
    • Who first thought up or expressed this sort of standpoint?
    • Who usually supports this standpoint right now? (Do not say "everyone.") What is their economic or social status likely to be? What background do they generally come from?
  2. Describe, side-by-side how each opposing standpoint has contributed to or interfered with:
    • education and knowledge
    • wealth and economic growth
    • laws, justice and truth
    • well-being and human happiness
  3. Compare side-by-side each standpoint's results in the real world:
    • Who would be happiest if this standpoint would succeed, and who would be unhappy, upset or angry? 
    • How this standpoint might help or hurt people's health, bodies or fitness
    • Who might get richer or gain more power, influence or fame if this standpoint would succeed, and who would lose power, influence, fame or riches? 
  4. Write a brief conclusion telling what specific action you want your audience (other students at UTEP) to take about this issue in the real world (not just to agree with you!)

Wednesday, October 28

3. Work in your Writing Group on the Final Project (paper and presentation): Complete Source Analysis 3 for a third opposing source used for project. All three Opposing Source Analysis reports due online by 8:30 am Friday. Assignment closes at that time.

4. Podcast Report

Friday, October 30


  • Lesson Plans


    Tentative: Respond to "A Caring Professor May Be Key in How a Graduate Thrives," by Scott Carlson.  (Link may not work off campus!)  Use six-part Ciceronian format for a paragraph.

    Discuss Weekly Argument Assignment #9: Comparison (Syncrisis). 

    Favorably compare the strength of your thesis on your semester theme to some real-world, specific, opposing standpoint on the same theme.

    For more ideas, see See the example in Kennedy, 113-115.


    Introduce .

    Turn in completed Career Planning worksheet. This counts for points. (Be sure to answer all questions! Leave nothing blank.)

    Schedule collective Oral Reports.

    Turn in report on web investigation of a professor. What are this particular professor's interests, accomplishments, background, major publications, activities and opinions?  This counts for points.

    Tentative: Presentation of Professor Reports.

    Tentative: In class exercise: Briefly respond to "Working Alone:"  How does this apply to you, personally?

    Friday: To be announced.  



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