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In case of absence, or if class is ever cancelled due to circumstances beyond Instructor control, students are still expected to complete and submit all assignments shown on this Calendar page if possible.

Week 2: Aug. 31-Sept. 4, 2015



Monday, Aug. 31:

1. Read Borders chapter 1, Getting to Know Your University. 

2. Briefly respond to "Risky Behaviors."  Discuss two or three of your own personal behaviors (listed there or not) that pose the most risk for your college success, and what you will be doing to avoid these behaviors and the risks involved. Upload your response directly to the dropbox by next Monday before class. Assignment title: Risky Personal Behaviors.  Answers will remain confidential.

3. Read "One type of motivation may be key to success," by John Bohannon. Be ready to respond in class (tentative).

4. Read "Grad Student Faces Jail..." 

5. Do Welcome Survey if you have not done so already.


Wednesday, Sept. 2

1. Read:

2. Do Welcome Survey if you have not done so already.

3. Read and consider how a story persuades.

4. Do activity 1.2

This activity counts for points. Due next Wednesday. (Turn in a print-out).

Friday, Sept. 4:

1.  Read "...Start with better storytellers," and  "Come up with a good story..." Be ready to respond to these articles next week in class (tentative).

2. Weekly Argument Assignment #1: Fictional/made-up story. Read Kennedy (click for link), 96-97 and 136-139. Compose a brief fictional (made-up) narrative like those in Kennedy (about the same length) related to your group's subject and arguing in favor of your group's standpoint. For additional ideas, see .  Turn in via Dropbox.

Lesson Plans


Decide on Group Leaders.

Assign Semester Dialogue Report. Explain

Discuss Podcast Reports.

Discuss plagiarism and "Grad Student Faces Jail..." 


Reminder to do Welcome Survey. Last chance!

Reminder to take notes in class! (Counts for points!)

Assign Organization Report. Explain.

Assign Campus Event Reports. View . Explain.

Tentative: Respond to "One type of motivation may be key to success," by John Bohannon.

Tentative: Respond to "
Digital Storytelling," by Marcus Duveskog.


Discuss Weekly Argument Assignment #1: How to persuade by using a fictional story.

Peer Leader Component: Discuss a Culture of Engagement: Why it is important to get involved in student activities, organizations and social activities(Homecoming, MinerPalooza, etc.) and why extracurricular activities will help you develop leadership skills. Student-organized activities (e.g., student organizations, clubs, events, etc.) Discuss Student Development Center, and how to feel an increased sense of belonging to UTEP.

Avoiding the "Vanishing Act."  (See NY Times article on college dropouts)

How to drop a course--please don't, but if you must, do it  this way!  Course Drop Form.

Reminder on High Risk Behaviors: Due Monday before class, in Dropbox (confidential).






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