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In case of absence, or if class is ever cancelled due to circumstances beyond Instructor control, students are still expected to complete and submit all assignments shown on this Calendar page if possible.

Week 3

Sept. 8-11, 2015


Monday, Sept. 7. Labor Day. No homework.

Wednesday, Sept. 9

1. Read Kennedy (click for link), 97-99 and 139-141. 

2. Read Borders Chapter 2: The Differences between High School and College. (pps. 24-49)

3. Read article: "Want a higher GPA in college? Join a gym," by Gleason & Pivarnik. Be ready to respond.

4. Do Activity 1.3 on pages 17-18 of the Borders book. Bring to class next Monday. [Academic success strategies]

5. Respond in two short paragraphs to Camlle Gamboa's article on student characteristics and graduation odds.  Answer: How do your own personal and family characteristics correspond to those mentioned in the article? Estimate your own odds of completing this course with a passing grade, and of graduating in 4 years, and explain why. Be specific, not general. Upload this this via the UNIV 1301 Dropbox. (Assignment title: Graduation Odds.)

Friday, Sept. 11

1. Do Borders activity 2.3. [Academic success strategies] (Borders).







2. Podcast Report.

3.  Weekly Exercise Assignment 2: Story

Write a true short story that supports your standpoint from your own personal experience. (Alternatively, if you can think of nothing at all that is relevant from your own personal experience, re-tell in your own words some other well-known true story that supports your standpoint, either from literature, the news, holy scripture or common knowledge.)  Finally, briefly explain how it is that this story directly supports your standpoint.  Turn in via Dropbox.

4. Read "Active Shooter." Be ready to respond.

Lesson Plans

Wednesday: Census day.

Tentative: Library walk-through. Meet in lobby (coffee shop) of the University Library.


Turn in a copy of the degree plan for your desired major. This counts as daily assignment #1. (Keep the original!)

Discuss: Tools of learning:

Discuss professionalization: Start becoming the pro that you want to be.

Peer Leader will introduce and lead discussion on Exercise 2: True story. 




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