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In case of absence, or if class is ever cancelled due to circumstances beyond Instructor control, students are still expected to complete and submit all assignments shown on this Calendar page if possible.

Week 5

Feb. Sept. 21-25, 2015

Monday, Sept. 21:

1.Read Kennedy (click for link), 100-103.

2.Read Borders Chapter 4: Making the Grade. (pps. 70-105)

3. Upload to the Dropbox a BRIEF (one paragraph) reflection on your Student Time Calculator results. Particularly if your time management shows in the "Danger" zone or negative, discuss exactly how you plan to manage, keep up your health and happiness, and still learn and keep up with what your professors demand in your courses at UTEP at the same time. Be specific--do not simply state "I will do it somehow," "I'll keep a positive attitude," or similar empty general statements. This is due in dropbox by the beginning of class on Friday, Sept. 25, 8:30 a.m. and counts for points. All responses are confidential.

Wednesday, Sept. 23

1. Read Research: An Example.  Consider how this applies to your Literature Review (due Oct. 2).

2. Print out, annotate "Forty Winks" (Imagine you are preparing for a test on the article!).  Bring annotated printout Friday. (Counts for points!)

3. Read "New research confirms lack of sleep connected to getting sick."

Friday, Sept. 25

1. View meme with quote from Bertolt Brecht, and meme with quote from Pericles, and be ready to respond in class (tentative).

2. Weekly Argument Assignment #4: Refutation. First, read Then briefly identify a real major argument against your standpoint, and carefully indicate who in the real world believes in, proposes or supports this argument (Name names! Don't just say, "My opposition," or "People who don't believe in my standpoint."). Then, using at least two of the techniques described on the above page, powerfully and decisively refute your opposition's major argument. Turn in via Dropbox.

3. Podcast Report.


Lesson Plans

Monday, Sept. 21:

Tentative: Monday, Sept. 21. Meet in Library Coffee Shop for walk-through.

Wednesday, Sept. 23:

Peer Leader component: Mini-lesson by Peer Leader on TIME MANAGEMENT!

Friday, Sept. 25:

Tentative: Briefly introduce/discuss the Fallacies (if not done already.)

Turn in annotated printout of "Forty Winks" (counts for points).

Introduce/discuss Weekly Exercise Assignment #4: Refutation.



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