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In case of absence, or if class is ever cancelled due to circumstances beyond Instructor control, students are still expected to complete and submit all assignments shown on this Calendar page if possible.

Week 7--Oct. 5-9, 2015


Monday, October 5

1. Read Kennedy (click for link), 105-108.

2. Read Borders Chapter 6: Avoiding Hazards Along the Way. (pps 122-145).

3. Complete Life Event Scale. Print out and turn in hardcopy at beginning of next Monday's class.

Wednesday, October 7

1. Explore each of the following links: UTEP films, art exhibits, music events, museum, theater productions.

2. Read "Links between sleep duration and depression." Be ready to respond.

3. Read "Racial and Ethnic Differences in College Major Choice."  Be ready to respond with reference to your own choice of major.

4. Event report 1 on an event taking place up to October 11 is due online by October 12, 8:30 am.

Friday, October 9

1.  Weekly Argument Assignment #6: Commonplace. Read Kennedy (click for link), 105-108. Read , and then write two paragraphs exposing a common public problem that will be fixed if your reader accepts your standpoint, and how it will be fixed. Send in via Dropbox.

2. Do Worksheet 1 for your subject and standpoint. This can be done as a group or individually (your choice). Print out and submit this in hardcopy on Monday at beginning of class.

3. Podcast Report. 


Lesson Plans

Monday:   Library Orientation Oct. 5 in  Lib 204A.

Wednesday: Meet at Academic Advising Center for Spring registration. Attendance required unless you are excused. Bring your student ID! 

"Section 11356 - meet at the Academic Advising Center front desk on Wednesday, October 7th from 8:30-9:20. Please remind your students to bring an official form of identification such as their UTEP student ID and to sign at with the Academic Advising Center front desk at their scheduled class time."


Event report #1 due online by 8:30 am.

Peer leader component: Discuss: The biggest Dangers to your college career.

Discuss Weekly Argument Assignment #6: Write two paragraphs identifying a common problem that will be fixed if your readers will accept your standpoint and put it into effect.

Discuss Fine Arts activities. (e.g., films, art exhibits, music events, museum, theater production, etc.)





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