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In case of absence, or if class is ever cancelled due to circumstances beyond Instructor control, students are still expected to complete and submit all assignments shown on this Calendar page if possible.

Week 8--Oct. 12-16, 2015

Monday, Oct. 12

1. Read Kennedy (click for link), 108-111.

2. Read Borders Chapter 7: Healthy Student Living. (pps. 146-171).

3.  Read "Improving Academic Performance with Physical Fitness" and be ready to respond in class.

4. Read 1. "Lack of Sleep in Teens," 2. "Consistent bed time and wake time linked to healthier weight" and 3. "Missing sleep may hurt your memory," (all short articles!) and be ready to respond in class (tentative).

Wednesday, Oct. 14 :

1. Read and learn: How to write an introduction and a conclusion.

2. Read and respond to Mary Demuth's "Don't be a diva." Discuss how Demuth's points apply to your own student experience. Submit your response via the UNIV 1301 Dropbox as a "regular daily homework assignment" before 8:30 am on Friday (Counts for points).

3. Read: How to calculate your GPA and then calculate your own midterm GPA. Have this calculation ready on paper for class (do not turn this in!).

Friday, Oct 16

1. Work on Final Project.

2. Weekly Argument Assignment #7: Praise. Read Kennedy (click for link), 108-111.Then, carefully following the instructions at , praise some well-known public figure closely identified with your standpoint.  Turn this in via the Dropbox.



Updated Lesson Plans


How to do scholarly research.  Advanced scholarly search engines.  

Turn in Worksheet 1 in hardcopy. 

Turn in Life Event Scale in hardcopy.

Discuss "Are American schools making inequality worse?"  Tentative: Respond.  


Discuss Weekly Argument Assignment #7: Encomium (How to persuade by praise).

Tentative: Respond to "Lack of Sleep in Teens,"  "Consistent bed time and wake time linked to healthier weight" and "Missing sleep may hurt your memory."  Argue in very specific terms for what real changes parents, schools, the government, and young people themselves should start arguing for RIGHT NOW to struggle against today's epidemic of youth sleep deprivation.

Tentative: Respond to Becky Lindeman's "Improving Academic Performance with Physical Fitness."


Tentative: Do Worksheet 2 in class.

Peer leader component: How academic support programs (e.g., tutoring, counseling, etc.) will help me achieve my goals. Tutoring is NOT a punishment!

Five Podcast Reports due online.

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