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Assignment may be changed or updated any time before official assignment. Please do not begin writing paper until officially assigned. 

Draft due in hardcopy Tues/Wed, Nov. 7/8, at beginning of class.

Paper due Thurs/Fri, Nov 9/10, at beginning of class.

Assignment: Read and compare/contrast:

1. The issue of Life magazine closest to your own birthday in 1942. (Click on link and scroll over to find correct issue.)

2. The issue of Life magazine closest to your own birthday three years later, in 1945. (Click on link and scroll to correct issue.)

Instructions:  This is an SEVEN PARAGRAPH COMPARISON. Number your paragraphs one through seven!

Paragraph 1. Write an introductory paragraph explaining the purpose and general thesis of the paper. In your introduction paragraph mention the date (day and month) of your own birthday. Then, (2. through 6) write five body paragraphs very specifically comparing and contrasting point by point, the most important differences in:

Paragraph 2. the covers (compare 1942 with 1945); 

Paragraph 3. the news content (compare 1942 with 1945);

Paragraph 4. the emotional tone (compare 1942 with 1945);

Paragraph 5. the photos and graphics (compare 1942 with 1945); and

Paragraph 6. the advertising (compare 1942 with 1945),

in these two issues over the span of 3 years between 1942 and 1945. This must be a clear one by one comparison of these five particular points, not a general, side by side description and comparison of the two magazine issues. Use specific examples!  Do not rely on broad generalities.

Paragraph 7. Write a brief, one-paragraph conclusion indicating what were the most important overall differences you noted between the two magazine issues.

Note: This assignment must be done individually, and may not be done in a group or with other classmates, even if your birthdays may be the same. If you prefer, hardcopies of these magazines should be available in bound volumes in the UTEP Library at call number AP2.L547.  If you choose this option please be very careful when handling the original magazines, which are now irreplaceable and may be fragile with age.


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