Basic principles of argumentation: Delivery


  1. The intended audience must be exposed to or receive the message.

  2. They must be aware of it and actually read it.

  3. They must understand it.

  4. They must accept the message as legitimate and credible.

( Adapted from Mutz, Diana C., Paul M. Sniderman, and Richard A. Brody, eds. Political Persuasion and Attitude Change. Ann Arbor: U of Michigan P., 1996. 147..)


A. Indicate in four short sentences how you would deliver your brochure to your intended audience in order to fulfill the above four principles, one by one. Be very specific as to when, where, and how you would do this.

B. Briefly estimate how much material and personal resources (time, money, personnel, etc.) would be required to effectively deliver your brochure to its primary intended audience, and how long it would take you to do so. If you would enlist the aid of a group or other allies, name the group or agency who would help.

C. Explain when and how you plan to actually start delivering your brochure to its intended audience, and the results you expect to get. If you are not planning to do so, explain in one paragraph why you will not do so in the foreseeable future.   



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