How to Write a Division

 (Classical Persuasive Format)


1.                 It must start by explicitly stating a point or points of agreement.  E.g., “I agree with my opponents that everyone deserves the right to choose his or her own place to live. However…”


2.                 A division is not the place to make your arguments or present your evidence or warrants for your standpoint!  In a division you should not use the word “because.” 


3.                 The division is general, and should not get into fine detail.


4.                 It must be fat-free and very easily understandable on first reading. Keep it short and simple (the KISS principle).


5.                 It must avoid making conclusions (do that in the Conclusion!).


6.                 It should be so clearly and explicitly written that the opponent has no choice but to accept that this is really the exact point where the two of you stop agreeing and start disagreeing.


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