EXTRA CREDIT POLICY 2010 updated 2/10/10

  1. Any non-poetry original text in the English language that you have published or accepted for publication for the public while you are enrolled in this course (in a newspaper, book, magazine, journal, or other edited hardcopy or Internet publication, including letters to the editor), counts for extra credit, whether the text published was written for this class or not. The amount of extra credit will depend on the length and quality of the published text or article, its appropriateness to this course, and where it is published.  Please provide clippings or links to of whatever you have published, with full details of where and when it was published, and the nature of the publication.  Extra credit is not available for published graphics, poetry, or music, for self-published items, or for items published before the beginning or after the end of the course.

  2. I reserve the right to award extra credit for special achievement in the class, such as a particularly outstanding essay or work clearly above and beyond the expected level of this course. This should be extremely rare, however, and you may NOT request extra credit be given in this manner.

  3. Extra credit will be offered for extra Agency Observation Memos on additional agencies related to a student's theme. These memoranda must meet the same criteria as the original Agency Observation Memo and will be graded on the same rubric as the original memo.  Extra credit will also be granted for extra rhetorical or visual analyses related to your theme, and for extra published opinion pieces, all to be graded on the same rubric as the original assignments. Extra credit assignments may not be submitted before the due date of the corresponding regular assignment.

ANY materials (projects or publications) you submit for extra credit must be turned in by ten calendar days before the last regular class meeting of the course.  The amount of extra credit available depends completely on instructor discretion. No extra credit will be assigned for any work you turn in after that deadline.  IMPORTANT: this is not intended to replace missing papers that were not turned inófor this reason, if on the last day of the course you are still missing any major assignment, I cannot credit you with any extra credit points, even though you might have completed and turned in an excellent extra credit publication.  No student can get over 1000 points in this course.

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