Situating your Community Problem Report within the academic discourse community and within the general community.

In  his book, Rewriting, Professor Joseph Harris suggests that academic writers almost always write in response to other people's writing.

Question: How does your writing fit in the academic discourse community?

Your assignment

Part A:

1. On a new page called "library.htm" create  a "library" of quotes and data from each of your sources by copying and pasting. Be sure to use proper APA format for in-text citations on each quote ( author's last name, date); for example: (Williamson, 2004) or (Ducks Unlimited, 2009).

2. Then, one or two short paragraphs, clearly identify your community problem, and indicate very briefly what aspects of that problem are:

  • New (within the last year or two).

  • Established or agreed-upon (everyone agrees about it).

  • Newly contested (being argued about or disagreed over).


3. Finally, explain in one or two brief paragraphs what "plus" you, yourself are adding to these others' work: your own voice. What new or special knowledge, understandings, evidence, credibility, level of style, transfers between differing discourse communities, personal experiences or individual background, emotions or conclusions are you contributing to public discourse on the subject? This should be something that is not already general public knowledge, and something that none of your sources have done already.  Briefly explain how this "plus" gives your own report enough special value, interest or uniqueness that your intended audience really needs to read it. 

Part B:


In a brief paragraph or two, indicate how new knowledge is usually created in the different discourse communities that deal with the subject area that you are researching.

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