ENGL 1311


Approved 2010 Semester Themes (choose one):



Road rage in El Paso



The water crisis in El Paso

Mental health care crisis in El Paso



Prostitution in El Paso



Barriers to women's rights in El Paso



Abortion in El Paso



Lack of good jobs for youth in El Paso



Student political apathy at UTEP



Homophobia in El Paso



Hunger and malnutrition in El Paso



Student alcoholism at UTEP



Child abuse in El Paso



Date rape in El Paso



Racial discrimination in El Paso



Low wage levels in El Paso



Plagiarism and cheating at UTEP



Adolescent pregnancy in El Paso



Undocumented immigration in El Paso






Additional themes (must relate to El Paso or UTEP.)


(Choose something you can ARGUE!)



OW 1/10


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