Suggestions for How to Do a Visual Analysis

1. Look at the graphic as a whole.

Analyze for pathos (emotion), logos (facts) and ethos (credibility)

2. Then focus on the foreground. What main elements do you see?

3. Next, ignore the foreground and examine the background.

It is often helpful to quarter the background into four quadrants,  and carefully examine the elements in each quadrant.

(For a very complex graphic, you may even need to divide each quadrant into four quarters and examine each 1/16th.)

4. Finally, examine the complete graphic as an object and as a work of art. Possible questions for an objective (Logos) analysis are:

Possible questions for a subjective (Pathos / Ethos) analysis:

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Photo: "Claire," by Rita Charlene Williamson (2005), used with permission.

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