Grading Policy and Values of Assignments:

  • --50%
  • Class Activities 15%
  • KTEP Review 10%
  • Web Analysis 10%
  • Project Memos 15%

Each or your projects will be assessed by how well you complete the assignment and the general quality of your writing. Final grades will be determined using the 100 pt. scale below, with conversions from the percentages as indicated:

A  90-100 pts.
F  <60

There will be no "plus" or "minus" letter grades in this course.

In addition, the following policies will be applied:

You must complete all the major assignments to pass the course.

Late assignments will be downgraded one letter grade per calendar day late. 

"Contempt" Penalties of seven points or more may be deducted from a student's total grade for refusal to participate (refusal to complete daily assignments, coming to class clearly unprepared, refusal to answer questions in class), or other acts or behaviors which are, in the instructor's sole judgment, antithetical to the learning process. Such penalties should be extremely rare, and a student will normally be offered an opportunity to "show cause" before any such penalty is applied.

  • Rewrite policy: Students will be requested to rewrite assignments that are not of acceptable quality. Requested rewrites are due within 5 calendar days of request. No late or rewrite penalty will be assessed on timely rewrites. Rewrites are an important part of the instructional  process, so there is no option to decline a rewrite. Requested rewrites not completed with five days fall to a "zero" (not an "F").  Students are also encouraged to rewrite and improve any work in their E-Portfolio at any time before May 1. 

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