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1. Homepage and web portfolio (5% of grade)


2. Facebook and Coursemine Blogs (5% of grade)


3. Poster Presentations (2) (5% of grade):

AssignmentPoster presentations begin 1/28/09 (the second week of class). During the semester, each student will be expected to prepare and deliver two ten to fifteen-minute in-class poster presentations on chosen or assigned topics. Students must prepare and present:Poster sessions


1. A professional-appearing three-fold poster board on the subject, plus

2.  A handout or flyer for the class.


Other media (e.g., PowerPoint, video, multimedia) are optional. If possible, presentations should include samples of actual technical documents of the type described, from the student's major or professional field. 


For tips on how to do this presentation, first read "How to Give a Great Presentation." (Note that this says it is for PhD's, but in fact it is applicable to all college students). 


O.W.  1/09 (wording corrected 4/09)

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