1. College Student Time Management: Five Different Possible Paradigms

(which are YOU using?)

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Wage Laborers

Professionals /Small business


UTEP Students

In General

Who pays whom?

Unpaid labor.   They make money off of you.

You are paid by the hour.

The better you work, the more you earn.

They don't pay you, YOU pay to play.

You pay big time! 

Average Undergrad

Tuition for Resident Students:  $2,708 for 15 hrs (Spring ’07)

How hard do you work?

As little as possible!


Rebel. Sabotage.

Break things.


As little as possible.  (Exception: if you're a  kiss-up bucking for a promotion).

As much as possible: More sales mean more work means more money, means more success.

As much as you want. Get the most bang for your bucks but quit when you get tired or bored.


How much quality do you put into your work?

Just enough not to get whipped!

Just what you are told to do when they tell you to do it.

As good as possible to beat the competition and succeed..

Until it hurts! Give it your all on the playing field!


Degree of honesty required on the job or activity?

None. Lie, cheat and steal from Ol’ Massa at any time.

Minor corner-cutting and stealing paperclips or pens seem OK.

Lie, cheat, and steal as much as you can get away with and still stay out of jail.

Play fair—cheating spoils any victory you do win.


Possible opportunities

and rewards?

None. Work and slave all your life, and then you die.

An honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.

Earnings / Profits / Business growth / Wealth.

Fun, fitness, personal growth, pride, winning trophies.


Possible downside?


Boredom, getting fired.

Going bankrupt, exhaustion.

Injury, exhaustion.


Danger if you fail?


Job loss, poverty.

Bankruptcy, poverty.

A little wasted time, money.


Personal time management principles:

Do as little as possible. Stay out of sight. Rebel or escape. Dream of freedom some day.

Go to work every day for 40 years. Dream of vacation, winning the lottery or retirement.

Plan your own career day by day to build your own professional or business success step by step.

Train to be at your personal best and to take full advantage of   opportunities to compete and win.



2. Student Time Management: Your personal paradigm



Student Name:  __________________________________________

Who pays whom?

Average Total Undergraduate

Tuition Costs for Resident Students     

Credit Hours


Spring 2008











 These figures are plus books, fees, housing or transportation, and meals, and do not include 3-4 months lost full-time wages.

How hard do you work on your studies?


How much quality do you put into your classwork?


Degree of honesty required in your studies?


Possible opportunities

and rewards?


Biggest downsides of your being at UTEP?


Biggest danger if you fail?


Your own personal time management principles:












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