College Student Time Management Survey. Name:__________________________

Choose best answers.





Answer ABCD

Who pays for your education?

They force me to attend UTEP.

I am being paid to attend.

I am borrowing money.

I pay cash out of my own pocket.


How hard do you work on your class assignments?

As little as possible!

I slack off, resist,

rebel and  

fight back.

As little as possible, except when kissing-up for a good grade.

As much as possible: Better grades mean a better job, means more money, means more success.

As much as I feel like; I like to do my best but quit when I get tired, distracted or bored.


How much quality do you put into your work?

Barely enough not to flunk! Who cares?

Whatever I am told to do when they tell me to do it.

As good as possible to beat the competition.

I take pride in my work..


Degree of honesty in your schoolwork?

None. I lie, cheat and plagiarize any time.  Frankly, I donít give a damn.

Minor corner-cutting and white lies seem OK.

I lie, cheat, and plagiarize as much as I can get away with and still not get caught.

I play fairócheating spoils any good grades that I might get.


Possible opportunities

and rewards?

Not much.

I work and study all my life, and then I die.

What I want is an honest grade for honest work.

A better job / better opportunities for self and family /


Fun, personal growth, the pride of getting that sheepskin in my hands.


Worst possible downside?

Everything. I hate school.

Flunking out.




Biggest danger if you flunk out?

Parents will kick me out. Go to jail.

Wonít know what to do with my life.

Poverty, career failure.

Wasted time and money.


Personal time management principles:

Do as little as possible. Rebel. Drink. Sleep in. Ditch classes. Dream of freedom some day.

Go to class for 4 years. Dream of summer vacation, winning the lottery, or the beach.

Plan my own career day by day to build my own academic, professional or business success step by step.

Study to be at my personal best and to take full advantage of any and all opportunities to compete and win.



INSTRUCTIONS: Count up the number of Aís. Bís, Cís and Dís you marked.  Please be honest!

A= ____________       B=___________    C=__________   D=____________


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