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In case of absence, or if class is ever cancelled due to circumstances beyond Instructor control, students are still expected to complete and submit all assignments shown on this Calendar page if possible.

Week 7:  February 28 - March 4, 2011  


Do online Quiz on Borders, chapter 5 by Tuesday, 7:00 am.
How to research. [Academic success strategies] [Library research]

Dispelling the myth of the lone genius creating knowledge. Research and the idea of the community of scholarly discourse. [Academic success strategies] [Critical thinking] [Library research]

Tentative exercise: Kennedy (click for link), p. 70 [Paraphrase], [Applies to theme / discipline]

Discuss Fine Arts activities. (e.g., films, art exhibits, music events, museum, theater production, etc.)

Public speaking activity—declamation. [Applies to theme / discipline] [Public speaking]


Work Group 7 will discuss Progymnasma 7: Commonplace.(Argue against some evil that is the opposite of the semester thesis).

Written exercise addressing personal or social issues: Student solidarity

Scenario;  Your closest female friend at UTEP calls you, crying, to tell you that she is unexpectedly pregnant. [Don't worry: If you are a male, you are not the father!] She is not married. Due to her religious beliefs abortion is out of the question, but her family is yelling at her and telling her that now she's a mother-to-be she needs to quit wasting time and money on college, stay home, concentrate on getting proper prenatal care, and get ready to be a full-time parent for the next 18 years.  She's depressed and crying and doesn't know what to do.

Your task: Write her a strongly persuasive five-paragraph letter convincing her not to drop out of college. Strictly follow the the ILPEC format (Introduction, Logos, Pathos, Ethos, Conclusion).

What do professors expect from you?
Make office visits. Professors want you to visit them during scheduled
office hours.
Understand the syllabus. Professors expect you to consult the course
syllabus and understand course requirements.
Use knowledge. Professors insist that you think about and synthesize
seemingly unrelated topics.
Be responsible. You have to know what is required when it comes to
being organized and prepared for class; in short, professors expect you to
take responsibility for yourself.

Borders, 1st edition.

Assignment: Response or discussion.


Meet at the Cotton Memorial Bldg. for tour of KTEP.


1. Read Kennedy (click for link), 105-8 (example).

2 Read Borders chapter 6: Avoiding Hazards Along the Way.


1. Complete Life Event Scale. Bring along for next week's class.

2. Explore each of the following links: UTEP films, art exhibits, music events, museum, theater production.


1. Do Progymnasma 7. . [Applies to theme / discipline]

2. KTEP report. [Academic success strategies—note taking] [Critical thinking]



Progymnasma 7: Commonplace. Argue against some evil that is the opposite of the semester thesis.

Write a five-part argument against some commonplace bad attitude that would result in rejecting the semester thesis. Use your own words, and give your own thoughts and feelings.  

Following the instructions below, strongly attack one of the following commonplace bad attitudes (choose one that is closest to what you might say!):

Do not just argue in favor of the semester thesis, but instead attack the particular bad attitude you chose above.


  1. Begin with the contrary or a contradiction (tell what the opposite of this commonplace attitude would be)
  2. Introduce a comparison, comparing a different or alternative attitude to what is attacked
  3. Examine the bad motivations of anyone who would hold this commonplace attitude.
  4. Employ a digression with a defamatory conjecture as to the past life of the person accused (i,e., what bad experiences, choices or actions in their past life might have made them think this way?)
  5. Repudiate the idea of taking pity on such a person. Show why he or she is even beyond "pitiful."






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