• To promote a culture of engagement.
  • To promote student participation on campus.
  • To make professional contacts on campus.
  • To start joining the discourse community of your future profession.
  • To have fun as well as work at UTEP.

1. Find an organization that sounds interesting (preferably one having something to do with your major or your future profession or specialization), attend a meeting, visit with student members and observe what happens. As you become better acquainted with the organization, you may wish to join and participate in some of its activities.  However, actually signing up, joining the organization, or paying dues is COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY! 

2. After your first visit, make a list of the points you liked most and a list of things that were not as appealing or that raised questions in your mind.  If you expect to return, make a plan for your next visit. What questions remain unanswered?  What can you expect to gain from this organization?  What can you expect to contribute?  Bear in mind that the contributions you make now will be the accomplishments you can boast about in the future.

4. Turn in your report HERE by November 19, 2013 at 8:30 am, or before. Carefully and fully complete all questions on the report form. This counts for 10% of your grade.  In writing this report you may collaborate with other members of the class (in or out of your Work Group) who have joined or visited the same organization. However, each student needs to turn in his or her own individual report, listing all students who collaborated.


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