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In case of absence, or if class is ever cancelled due to circumstances beyond Instructor control, students are still expected to complete and submit all assignments shown on this Calendar page if possible.

Week 8



Discuss: Red Flags

Public speaking activity.


Freshmen mid-term grades due to the Records Office Oct. 12

Work Group 6 will discuss Assignment 8.

Respond to the recent research finding that "Students whose classes reflect high expectations (more than 40 pages of reading a week and more than 20 pages of writing a semester) gained more than other students." ("Academically Adrift," by Scott Jaschik)

How to do university-level research. How to read an academic text. How to use the Internet for university-level research. "Following the track" of scholarly knowledge. Students will examine how to develop academic survival and success strategies (e.g., note-taking, active reading, time management).  Students will become aware of and use selected academic and student support resources.

Tentative: Public speaking activity.


Gluttony:  (In-class response).

Respond to article on cookbooks: How can you best keep what you learn at UTEP, both in this class and others, from degenerating into the "empty cookbook knowledge" that the author describes?  Be very specific.

How to withdraw from classes.

“How do I completely withdraw from my classes for this term?”     

 A complete withdrawal is dropping all courses for a term and can be done in one of three ways:

1.       Send an email from your UTEP email account to  We will be unable to process the request if it is from an account other than your UTEP email account. 

2.       Send a fax to (915) 747-8764.

To process your request as listed above we will need the following minimum information:




Student ID:

We cannot accept your social security number












Your request will not be processed if any of the above information is missing. 

All requests sent by fax must be signed with a clear copy of a signed valid picture ID, such as your driver’s license.


3.       Visit the Enrollment Services Center or the Registration and Records Office, with a valid photo ID, to fill out a Complete Withdrawal Form.

Check the Refund Schedule for refund information.

Info. from


Tentative: Public speaking activity.



1.Read article on cookbooks.  Be ready to respond.

2. Read "Academically Adrift," by Scott Jaschik, and be ready to respond.

2. Read Borders chapter 7.

3. Do online Quiz on Borders, chapter 6


1. Optional: Take the Psych Central Online Depression Screening Test on your own.



1. Assignment 8: Activity 7.1 on p. 155 of Borders.

2.  Explore El Paso Times dining section for examples of real-world restaurant reviews.

3. Work on Final Report.

4. KTEP Report




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