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Week 12: November 8-12, 2010

I have scheduled the UNIV Lab room, Library 336, for Fri., Nov. 12.

Monday and Wednesday:


Discussion (if time available): The university student as an adult among adults, an intellectual among intellectuals and a scholar among scholars. Gramsci and the concept of the intellectual.  What is the purpose that is driving your studies?  What do you want to get from your university education and what have you gotten so far?  Emerging problems with your classes and your life at UTEP. Review the concept of university collegiality: you are not a passive object of instruction! 

Read Borders Glossary. (p. 209) [Academic success strategies]

Personal attitudes and goals.

Optional extra Credit: Prepare or Beware: Getting ready for exams. Nov. 9 (Tues.) 1:30-3:00p.m.Call 747-5302 to reserve your place.

Wednesday: Discuss answers to values quiz.

Discussion (if time available): Health and student success.  Discuss results (in general terms) of Life Event Survey. Ideas on how to make your life less stressful. Morale boosters.  Response if time available.


I have scheduled the UNIV Lab room, Library 336, for Fri., Nov. 12.

Event Nov. Friday, Nov.12: "What Gandhi Means for Humanity Today," Seminar by: Arvind Singhal, Samuel Shirley and Edna Holt Marston Professor and Director, Social Justice Initiative, Department of Communication, UTEP; and William J. Clinton Distinguished Fellow, Clinton School of Public Service, University of Arkansas, Little Rock,Liberal Arts 323,3:00 pm.


1. Read Kennedy (click for link), 117-20 (example).

2. Complete Values quiz.  Have a copy of your answers ready to discuss in the next class.  

3. Post written response on your own personal attitudes, values and goals on your own Wiki: Respond briefly to each question on "Value clarification: more than sex, drugs and rock and roll!"  This counts for points as "daily work."


1. Read "Seventeen Suggestions" and post a brief, two paragraph response on your Wiki comments, with your own additional suggestions for world-changing rhetoric. Counts for points as "daily work." 

2. Optional: Explore the following links to valuable UTEP resources related to your major:

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I have scheduled the UNIV Lab room, Library 336, for Fri., Nov. 12.





Progymnasma 12: Description (Ecphrasis).  

Carefully describe something or someone having to do with your theme.

Click on link above. Follow BYU instructions exactly. Describe something or someone having to do with your theme, in great detail. Use something or someone that you have seen personally. Use the example in Kennedy 117-120 as an idea for length and style.

Directions for Composition
Employing many figures of speech, describe a person or action so that it stands before the listener's eyes. Offer a complete description (if describing a person, go in great detail from head to foot.  If describing an action, go from the start to the finish, including final short-term and long-term results).




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