INSTRUCTOR  Owen M. Williamson, MA

In case of absence, or if class is ever cancelled due to circumstances beyond Instructor control, students are still expected to complete and submit all assignments shown on this Calendar page if possible.

Week 3:  Jan. 31 - Feb 4, 2011


*Turn in response to "risky Behaviors."


Turn in a copy of the degree plan for your desired major. This counts as quiz #1. (Keep the original!)

Turn in Activity 1.3 from pages 17-18 of Borders.

Respond to "Active Shooter."

Public speaking activity—declamation. [Applies to theme / discipline] [Public speaking]


 Feb. 2. Tour KTEP-FM studios, Cotton Memorial Bldg 203.



Borders Activity 2.7, #3.

Respond in class: Professors find it important to sow a love for learning in their students. Their own love for learning opens a door of communication with students. What are some ways in which you can relate to and communicate with your professors?


1. Read Kennedy (click for link), 97-99 (example), and 139-41. 

2. Read Borders chapter 2: Transition from high school to college. [Academic success strategies]


1. Do Activity 1.3 on pages 17-18 of the Borders book. Bring to class on Friday. [Academic success strategies]

2. Do Borders activity 2.3. [Academic success strategies] (Borders, Page 25).

3. Read "Active Shooter." Be ready to respond.


1. Bring Borders Activity 1.3 on page 17 and 18 of the Borders book to class on Friday. [Academic success strategies]

2. Do Progymnasma 3.[Applies to theme / discipline]

3. KTEP report. [Academic success strategies—note taking] [Critical thinking]


Progymnasma 3 (Chreia): Defending a saying.  

Write a five part classical argument strongly defending the semester thesis against those who would argue that "your goal in college is to serve your four years, get your degree, and then get the heck out, all the while spending as little time and effort as possible."

Your thesis statement should be the semester thesis itself: In each of my courses, I need to make 100% sure that I finish the semester knowing more about the subject than what the professor demands or is teaching.

This assignment should be very brief (absolutely "fat-free") and should be written in standard five-part ISARC classical arrangement, as described on page 132 of Kennedy, containing a thesis statement (which is the saying), a statement of facts and arguments for your thesis, antithesis, refutation and conclusion.  The goal of this essay is to make an argument and to persuade your opponents to agree with the saying.






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