INSTRUCTOR  Owen M. Williamson, MA

In case of absence, or if class is ever cancelled due to circumstances beyond Instructor control, students are still expected to complete and submit all assignments shown on this Calendar page if possible.

 Week 4: February 7-11, 2011






Wednesday (REVISED):

1. Do Student Time Calculator, print out results.

2.Read Borders Chapter 3: Preparing to Learn.

3.Do Study Environment Analysis, at . Print out results and bring Monday.

4. Read "Free Speech on Campus." Be ready to respond.



1. Do Progymnasma 4 (amplify a saying).

2. Turn in KTEP report on Monday.


Progymnasma 4: Proverb (Maxim)

Amplifying (expanding) a saying.

Instructions: Amplify the semester thesis by carefully following these steps (one or two sentences for each item below!).  (Do not use the 5-part format.)

In each of my courses, I need to make 100% sure that I finish the semester knowing more about the subject than what the professor demands or is teaching.

  1. First, quote the thesis and point out what is good, true or beneficial in what it says;
  2. Give a paraphrase of the thesis (put it into different words);
  3. Explain why you think this was written;
  4. Introduce a contrast (antithesis) to this thesis, i.e., "Some people might say that ... but they are wrong.";
  5. Compare this to some other common saying, thesis or knowledge that is similar;
  6. Give a concrete example of the practical meaning of the thesis (how you are currently applying this thesis to your own life, in one of your other UTEP courses);
  7. Support the thesis with testimony of others (what others are saying or have told you, that agrees with this thesis);
  8. Conclude with a brief epilogue or conclusion sentence urging your classmates to agree with this thesis . (DO NOT write "In conclusion..." or similar).

Hint: Write this by number (number each item) if you want.  Then when finished, delete the numbers.



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