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 Week 4




Borders, p. 34.

Respond to "Importance of Breakfast" and NY Times article on cooking.

Tentative: Public speaking activity—declamation. [Applies to theme / discipline] [Public speaking]



1. Read Jacob, Ch.4, pps.59-107.

2.Read Borders Chapter 3: Preparing to Learn.

3.Read "Importance of Breakfast" from Ebony magazine. Be ready to respond.

4.Optional: If you are interested, read "A Feast of Science for Food Lovers."  [Link works only on UTEP campus computers!]


1.Do Study Environment Analysis, at . Print out results and bring next Monday.

2. Read NY Times article on cooking. Be ready to respond

2. Optional: Read "Free Speech on Campus."

3. Optional: View Webcast, "Coffee and Donuts" (about 45 minutes).



1. Wiki.utep.eduAssignment 4: Do Writing Exercises 1 and 2 on p. 107 of Jacob.

2. Turn in KTEP report on Monday.



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