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Q: I wasn’t able to attend class on Tuesday. Did I miss anything important?

A: Not really, when you are not here we send out for pizza and watch re-runs of South Park.

Q: I am going to be absent next Monday. When can I make-up missed quizzes?

A: Never.

Q: I have to leave class early (or miss class) to prepare for a test in another class. Is that cool?

A: Why, certainly. I'll even send the TA along to assist you.....NOT!.....Probably the most insulting thing you can say to me.

Q: I am booked on a flight home the day of the mid-term (or final) exam. How do I go about scheduling the exam earlier?

A: You don't. And...these exams are "makeupable" only in case of UTEP sponsored and required trips or documented medical emergencies.

Q: I will miss class on a quiz (due) day due to a UTEP required trip. How will I make up the missed quizzes?

A: Through taking advantage of extra credit opportunities. This is precisely the reason I offer extra credit (see extra credit page).

Q: I read my weekly assignments, but do badly on the quizzes. What can I do?

A: Don’t read the material, STUDY IT! (There is a difference).

Q: I am on orders for National Guard/ Reserve training. Will these absences be excused for the purpose of perfect attendance?

A: No. The only excused absences for perfect attendance extra credit are UTEP sponsored and required trips.

Q: I have to go to a funeral. Is that an excused absence?

A: No. That’s why you are allowed 4 unexcused absences without penalty.

Q: My boss scheduled me to work at a time when I have your class. What can I do?

A: Your call…go to work or come to class. Work-related absences are never excused.

Q: I have to leave class early because…..What should I do?

A: Give the TA a real good reason at the beginning of class so she/he won’t scratch your name off the daily sign-in sheet.

Q: I arrived in class too late to sign in. What can I do?

A: Arrive earlier next time.

Q: I forgot my take-home quiz Scantron. What can I do?

A: Remember it next time.