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In case of absence, or if class is ever cancelled due to circumstances beyond Instructor control, students are still expected to complete and submit all assignments shown on this Calendar page if possible.

Week 2: 24-28 January, 2011


Assign  Organization Report. Counts for 10% of your grade.Due by Apr. 22. View Organization List.

1. Join a student organization by Feb. 15. Preferably, this organization should have something to do with your major!  Turn in name of organization Feb. 16.

2. Note your participation in Minetracker by March 11.

3. Turn in your report, as described above, by April 22 or before, detailling your participation in the organization (what meetings you attended, what activities you participated in), to the class dropbox. This counts for 10% of your grade.

Assign Campus Event Reports. Due by March 4 (#1) and May 2 (#2). View  Discuss the culture of engagement: Why it is important to get involved in student activities, organizations and social activities (Homecoming, MinerPalooza, etc.) and why extracurricular activities will help you develop leadership skills. Student-organized activities (e.g., student organizations, clubs, events, etc.) Discuss Student Development Center, and how to feel an increased sense of belonging to UTEP.

Public speaking activity—declamation. [Applies to theme / discipline] [Public speaking]


Work Group 12 will discuss Progymnasma 2.

Narrative: Humans tell stories. (NPR)

Brief intro to rhetoric.

Antagonistic and non-antagonistic rhetoric.

Students will examine personal and social transition issues affecting college success, that could include topics such as academic expectations, high-risk behaviors, and relationships.

Temptations and difficulties to overcome. Discuss High Risk behaviors. (You should have a printout of this.)

How to drop a course--please don't, but if you must, do it  this way!  Course Drop Form.

What the hell do professors want? Discourse communities and expectations. The “Three for One” deal: the expectation of three hours of study-time for every hour in the classroom. Attendance, excuses and absences.  Student physical and mental health. Morale, nutrition, sleep and university activities.  Avoiding inappropriate timesaving tools.

In-class exercise: Do you have a transportation plan "B"? (Writing practice).

Secrets of genius-level online research: academic vs. popular level sources.

Using, register your mobile phone for emergency and important messages. (Borders Activity 6.1)



Library experience. Find and check out one book related to your subject! 


1. Read Kennedy (click for link) 96-7 (example: A DRAMATIC NARRATIVE CONCERNING THE ROSE), and 136-39 for instructions.

2. Read Borders chapter 1, Getting to Know Your University.  pps. 1-15.

3. Read about Extra Credit Workshops.



1,Briefly respond to "risky behaviors"  Discuss the two or three behaviors (listed or not) that are the most dangerous for your college career, and what you will do to avoid the risks involved. Bring response to class Monday-this is confidential and will not be discussed in class.

2. Read "Active Shooter," be ready to respond.


3. Read "how to calculate your GPA"



1 Do.Borders Activity 1.2
This activity counts as quiz #1. Due next week,(Provide a print-out).

2. Do Progymnasma 2. [Applies to theme / discipline]. See page 97 of Kennedy for example.

3. KTEP report. [Academic success strategies—note taking] [Critical thinking]


Progymnasma 2: Narrative. In a brief, fat-free one or two paragraph narrative, tell a story designed to convince your fellow first-year students to agree with the semester thesis. Use the example on page 97 of Kennedy (A DRAMATIC NARRATIVE CONCERNING THE ROSE) as a guide for style and length.

This could be either:

1. A true story of overwhelming success won by you or by some actual person who followed this thesis; or,

2. A story of what you expect to happen in your own case if you follow this thesis. (NOTE: do not neglect the negative in this story, i.e., that it might be a lot more work than just doing the minimum required to pass, that you will not have much time left over for other things, etc. But strongly convince your readers that the sacrifice will be worth it at the end.)

Post this narrative on your own Wiki.

In each of my courses, I need to make 100% sure that I finish the semester knowing more about the subject than what the professor demands or is teaching.





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