Fall 2010 Full-Semester Calendar of


CRN 12080, MWF 10:30 to 11:20. EDUC 203.

Owen Williamson, MA, Instructor

Instructor reserves the right to modify calendar to meet the needs of the class.




Reading Across the Disciplines

[Chapters 24 & 25 will be assigned as needed throughout the semester]

JOB: A Comedy of Justice, by Robert A. Heinlein.



Aug 23-27, 2010

First day of class is Monday, August 23, 2010.


Chapter 1: Active reading and thinking strategies:


Get book by Sept. 1st.  Begin reading novel as soon as you have it!



Reading: Article from El Paso Times on teen pregnancies.


In class assignments:


Promise and Guarantee


Respond to "I Hate Reading"


Send me a text message:  text to be announced.



Aug. 30-Sept 3, 2010


Chapter 2: Vocabulary-building.



 Reading Journal on novel.


Reflection Journal


In-class assignment: Write your own "Dozen Ways to Improve Your Own Reading Without Really Trying." 

How to do a summary.


Bosses Checking Up on Workers via Facebook.



Discuss Wu Wei--"non-effort," and reading.


Professionalization: Start to become the pro that you want to be!


How to drop a course--please don't, but if you must, do it  this way!  Course Drop Form.


In-class assignment: Write your own "reading autobiography."



Sept. 6-1o, 2010

[No class Labor Day, Sept 6, 2010]


Chapter 3: Thesis, Main Ideas, etc.


 You should be half done with novel! 


 Reading Journal on novel.


Reflection Journal


Syllabus quiz


Selection: Article on jobs crisis for young people, from New York Times.


In-class assignment: Summary practice on "Why Men Cheat" by Constance Holden.


In-class assignment: Your Personal Reading Map.



Sept 13-17, 2010

Chapter 4:Organizational Patterns


Chapter 24: Reading Psychology


 You should be 3/4 done with the novel.

 Reading Journal on novel.


Reflection Journal


Reading 4: Respond to selection: on "Trolls," from the New York Times.


MONDAY, Sept. 13

Meet at library for walk-through.


In class: Difficult summaries.


In: class: Summary practice.

Selection: from Beginning to Heal, by Bass and Davis. [to be distributed in class.]


In class assignment: Writing as a teacher or as a parent, respond to "I Hate Reading." 



Sept 20-24, 2010


Chapter 5: Making Inferences


Chapter 25: Reading Biology

 You should finish up the novel this week.

 Reading Journal on novel.


Reflection Journal


Selection: NY Times article on college education.


Selection: from Science Magazine: "Caudate Over Heels in Love."


Summary Paragraph due.

How to Analyze a Text


In class exercise: Respond to Writers' & Readers Map


In-class: Summary practice



Sept 27-Oct 1, 2010


Chapter 6: Critical Reading


Caution You need to be done with novel by Oct. 1st!


Begin re-reading and annotating it!

 Reading Journal on novel.


Reflection Journal


Reading: More about Alcoholism.


In-class Analysis practice:


Return to A Dozen Things You Can Do On Your Own to Improve Your Reading

Selection: NY Times article on student debt.



 Oct. 4-8, 2010


Chapter 7: Organizing Ideas

  • Annotating: good and bad examples

  • Paraphrasing

  • Outlining

  • Mapping

  • Summarizing



 Reading Journal on

More about Alcoholism.


Reflection Journal


Analysis Paragraph due Oct. 8.


In class: Use selection for:.

  • Annotating practice

  • Paraphrasing practice

  • Reverse outline exercise.

  • When are the sirens tested?

    The system tests take place at 11:25 A.M. on the first Friday of every month. The tests last one minute, and you do not need to take any action during the test.

    Monthly siren tests will begin and end with the following announcement
    "This is a test of the personal alerting system, this is only a test "

    Sound Description: A voice: "Tone -- This is a test of the personal alerting system, this is only a test. In the event of an actual emergency, this system will be utilized to provide you with emergency information.



Oct 11-15, 2010




Chapter  9: Digital sources

 You should be half done annotating novel!



Reading Journal on

"How to Think, Say or Do Precisely the Worst thing for Any Occasion."


Reflection Journal


In-class: Analysis practice Reverse outline of novel.


In class analysis practice:  "How to Think, Say or Do Precisely the Worst thing for Any Occasion."



Oct 18-22, 2010



Chapter 10: Reading across the Disciplines


 Reading Journal on "Sagging Pants."


Reflection Journal


UTEP Reading Symposium  Noon, Thursday, Oct. 21. Details to be announced.

How to Write a Reader Response--The Basics

In class: Reader response practice.



Oct 25-29, 2010


Chapter 11: Reading Social Sciences


 Reading Journal on selection from Hogshire, to be distributed in class.


Reflection Journal


Selection from Hogshire,  You are Going to Prison.


In class: Reader response practice: Respond to selection.



Nov 1-5, 2010


Chapter 17: Reading Poli. Sci / Gov't / History

Selection: Choice: Either


 Finish up annotating novel by Nov.2nd!



 Reading Journal on selection from Warday, by Strieber and Kunetka, to be distributed in class.


Reflection Journal




In-class: Reader response and analysis practice:



Nov 8-12, 2010


Chapter 18: Business/Advertising/Econ.

Read selection 24 in textbook.







 Reading Journal on selection from F. Korovkin's History of the Ancient World.. 


Reflection Journal


Reader Response Essay Assigned.



Reading 12b: Respond to selection to be announced.


In class: To be announced.


Nov 15-19, 2010


Chapter 19: Tech and Computers

  • Selection 25 from textbook

 Reading Journal: on the article, "Polygamy."


Reflection Journal


In-class: to be announced.



Nov 22-24, 2010

[Thanksgiving Holidays Nov 25-26]


Chapter 20: Health-related.



 Reading Journal to be announced .


Reflection Journal




Nov 29-Dec 2, 2010

Last day of class: Dec. 2, 2010


Chapter 22: Phys. Sci / Math



All Journals due by last day of class!



ENGL 0310 Final Exam (full-semester course) 7:00 to 9:45 am, Tuesday, Dec. 7. Location to be announced.

You should expect to spend SIX to NINE HOURS every week outside of the classroom working on this class (online, researching, discussing, writing, and most of all, reading).   If you are not willing to devote this amount of time on the course, you cannot expect to do well.


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