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             Event Reports (2)
Purpose: To promote a culture of engagement.
As an integral part of this course, you will attend at least two campus events that interest you, and report on them. These can be cultural, academic, intellectual, sports, professional ,or movie events sponsored, supported, permitted or allowed by the University on campus, and must be open to the public.
Your first report, on some event taking place between January 19 and March 3, is due by March 4 or before. The second report, on an event taking place between March 4 and May 1, is due by May 2 or before. These events cannot be meetings of the same group that you join for the Organization Report assignment.
Each report is worth 5% of your final grade for the course.  In each report, you should briefly discuss the following points:

1. Name and type of event, date, time and place.

2. Purposes, goals or areas of interest of the event.

3. Sponsors of the event.

4. What actually went on during the event.

5. Your personal reactions to the event that you attended.

6. Did you like the event, or not? Why, or why not?

Event reports should be titled "Event 1" and "Event 2."
These reports are to be turned in via the
 class dropbox.


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