Owen M. Williamson, Instructor.

Weekly calendar of Spring, 2011 University Seminar sessions, readings and assignments. CRN 23117, MWF 8:30 am in EDUC 309.

May be modified at any time with advance notice. Each student must meet at least twice during the semester with the instructional team (peer leader and instructor) to discuss academic progress and transition to UTEP and to explore options for improvement. 

UNIV 1301 Calendar
last updated: 08/20/12.

In case of absence, or if class is ever cancelled due to circumstances beyond Instructor control, students are still expected to complete and submit all assignments shown on the Calendar if at all possible.

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General plan:

  • Mondays--Borders quiz.  Declamations. Theme

  • Wednesdays--Theme.  Discussion of Progymnasma of the week.

  • Fridays--Campus resources.

Exceptions noted below.

1. 18-21 Jan 2011: Introductions and presentation of course. Syllabus. Instructor's expectations. Intro to the Progymnasmata. Review textbook; readings assigned. General intro to the concept of rhetoric.

Thesis for your Progymnasmata for the semester.

Read Borders Introduction.

Activate your UTEP Wiki space.

Assign KTEP reports.

Class meets in Library 336 on Friday, Jan. 21.

Read Kennedy (click for link),132-135 and 177-182.

Weekly theme: Progymnasma 1: Fable

2. 24-28 Jan 2011

Monday: Being a college student, being an intellectual.

Assign Final Collective Report. 

Assign Organization Report,

Extra Credit Workshops.

Assign Campus Event Reports. View http://www.utepspecialevents.com/

The "K.I.S.S." principle of writing.

Wednesday: Tools of learning: Annotation, reading aloud, listening, paraphrasing.

Read Borders Chapter 1: Getting to know your university. (pps 1-19.)

Using http://www.mobilecampus.com, register your mobile phone for emergency and important messages. (Borders Activity 6.1)

Read Kennedy (click for link), 96-97 and 136-139.

KTEP report


  Library walk-through, check out books on your theme.

University Library

Weekly theme--Progymnasma 2: Narrative, presented by Work Group 12.

3. 31 Jan-4 Feb 2011

Read Borders Chapter 2: The Differences between High School and College. (pps. 20-45)

Professionalization: Start becoming the pro that you want to be.

Wed., Feb. 2. Tour KTEP-FM studios, Cotton Memorial Bldg 203.

Do Activity 1.3 on pages 17-18 of the Borders book. Bring to class on Friday.

Read Kennedy (click for link), 97-99 and 139-141.

KTEP report

Weekly theme--Progymnasma 3: Chreia (Sayings), presented by Work Group 11.

4. 7-11 Feb 2011

The genius of rhetoric: Pathos, Ethos and Logos. More pillars of rhetoric: kairos, audience, style. delivery. TRVTH vs rhetoric?

Extra Credit: The Effects of Drug and Alcohol on your well-being. Feb 10 (Thurs.); 2:30-4:00p.m.


Read Borders chapter 3: Preparing to learn.  (pps. 46-101)

Revised: Do Student time calculator, print out results.

Read Kennedy (click for link), 99-101.Academic Advising Center logo

Esteban Terrazas, M.A.  Friday, 2/11.


KTEP report

Weekly theme--Progymnasma 4: Expanding a saying, presented by Work Group 10.

5. 14-18 Feb 2011: Time management. More study hints and tips for College. How to manage being a highly educated adult. 

Organization report: Turn in the name of the organization you joined, Feb.16 in class.

Read Borders Chapter 4: Making the Grade.  (pps. 66-101)

Read Kennedy (click for link), 100-103.

KTEP report

Weekly theme--Progymnasma 5: Refutation, presented by Work Group 9.

6. 21-25 Feb 2011


Minetracker presentation Monday.

Read Borders chapter 5: Academic Resources. (pps. 102-117)

Read Kennedy (click for link), 103-105.

KTEP report

Weekly theme--Progymnasma 6: Confirmation, presented by Work Group 8.

7. 28 Feb-4 Mar 2011: How to research.

Event Report 1 due by March 4th.

Read Borders Chapter 6: Avoiding Hazards Along the Way. (pps 118-139)

Class meets in Cotton Memorial Bldg. on Friday, March 4.

Read Kennedy (click for link), 105-108.

KTEP report

Weekly theme--Progymnasma 7: Commonplace, presented by Work Group 7.


8. 7-11 Mar 2010:  --- Midterm.  Weekly progymnasmata due for midterm check. Turn in all KTEP reports Mar. 7 in class.  

Freshmen mid-term grades due to the Records Office March 9th.

The genius of rhetoric: the Dialectic. Slide show.

Exercise:  Dangers!

Sun Conference Friday Mar. 11.


Class will be coming to the Academic Advising Center on Friday, March 11th from 8:30-9:30.

Organization Report: Note your participation in Minetracker by March 11.

Read Borders Chapter 7: Healthy Student Living. (pps. 140-165)

Read Kennedy (click for link), 108-111.

KTEP report

Weekly theme: Progymnasma 8: Encomium (Praise), presented by Work Group 6.

Spring break Mar. 14-18, 2011

9. 21-25 Mar 2011

Video if time available. Possible exercise or guest speaker.

Assessment activity that examines the student's interests, abilities, and values.

Read Borders Chapter 8: Career Planning. (pps 166-183) Do exercise on p. 170.

Read Kennedy (click for link), 111-113.

KTEP report

Weekly theme--Progymnasma 9: Vituperation (Invective), presented by Work Group 5.

10. 28 Mar - 1 Apr 2011: The genius of rhetoric.

--- Annotated bibliography of research sources due Apr. 1 in class.

         Read Borders Chapter 9: Money Matters for the UTEP Student. (pps 166-183)

Read Kennedy (click for link), 113-115.

Tentative: Library Orientation April 1 in regular classroom.

KTEP report

Weekly theme--Progymnasma 10: Comparison (Syncrisis), presented by Work Group 4.

11. 4 - 8 Apr 2011: Collective Research Reports due for Peer Review April 6.

The mythology, rhetoric (and reality?) of evil rhetors. Hitler? Cults? Con artists? Hannibal Lector? Contemporary (real) evil rhetors?

Begin collective presentations.

Read Borders chapter 10: Campus Resources. (pps 204-208)

Read Kennedy (click for link), 115-117 and 213-217.

KTEP report

Weekly theme--Progymnasma 11: Impersonation (Prosopopoeia or Ethopoeia), presented by Work Group 3.

12. 11-15 Apr 2011Personal attitudes and goals. Attitude quiz.   Student Collective Presentations.

Class meets in Library 336 on Friday, April 15.

Read Borders Glossary. (p. 209)

Read Kennedy (click for link), 117-120.

KTEP report

Friday: Frontera Retórica Symposium, Reading Room, 3rd floor, Geology Bldg. Extra credit! 

Weekly theme--Progymnasma 12: Description (Ecphrasis), presented by Work Group 2.  

13. 18-22 Apr 2011: Finish video if necessary. student collective presentations. Other activities to be announced. Rhetoric of class, ethnicity and Gender.

Weekly theme--Progymnasma 13: Defend/attack a thesis, presented by Work Group 1.

Read Kennedy (click for link), 124-127.

Organization Report due by April 21 to class dropbox.

Friday, April 22:  NO CLASS.

KTEP report

14: 25-29 Apr 2011: Tentative: Video related to theme of class.

Collective Paper due Apr 27. 

All KTEP reports due!

Progymnasmata must be completed online by April 27.

15: 2 - 5 May 2011:

Second event report due by May 2.

Finish Video. Discover career exploration. Weekly theme: "delivery" as a rhetorical concept.  Semester ends May 5. "Dead Day" May 6.

Monday, May 9th, 2011 10:00 am - 12:45 pm

The Final exam will be in the usual classroom. Study questions will be made available in November.

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