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Fall, 2011

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Owen M. Williamson, Instructor.

UTEP BA diploma

May be modified at any time with advance notice. Each student must meet at least twice during the semester with the instructional team (peer leader and instructor) to discuss academic progress and transition to UTEP and to explore options for improvement. 

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In case of absence, or if class is ever cancelled due to circumstances beyond Instructor control, students are still expected to complete and submit all assignments shown on the Calendar if at all possible.

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1. 22-26 Aug 2011

Introductions and presentation of course. Syllabus. Instructor's expectations. Intro to the assignments. Review textbook; readings assigned. General intro to the concept of rhetoric, food, and food studies.

Thesis for the semester.

Read Borders Introduction.

Activate your UTEP Wiki space: Class meets in LIBRARY 336 on Friday, Aug. 26.

Learning Log /Wiki

Assign KTEP reports.

Read Jacob up to p. 19.

Class meets in Library 336 on Friday, Aug. 26.

Weekly theme:  Describing. Assignment 1:  Do item 4 on p. 19 of Jacob's book.

2. 29 Aug-2 Sept 2011

Read Jacob's book, pps. 21-32 (Chapter 2).

Being a college student, being an intellectual.

Assign Final Collective Report. 

Pages on how to do food studies research will be distributed in class. Discussion: How does this subject relate to me if I'm not a writer?

Assign Organization Report,

Assign Campus Event Reports. View http://www.utepspecialevents.com/

UTEP Cinema Novo (audio)

The "K.I.S.S." principle of writing.

Wednesday: Tools of learning: Annotation, reading aloud, listening, paraphrasing.

Read Borders Chapter 1: Getting to know your university. (pps 1-19.)

Using http://www.mobilecampus.com, register your mobile phone for emergency and important messages. (Borders Activity 6.1)

KTEP report


  Library walk-through, check out books on your theme.

University Library

Reminder: You pay a Library Fee of $10.75 per credit hour.

Weekly theme--Assignment 2: Writing with Pathos (passion).  presented by Work Group 12. Do Writing Exercises (all three) on p. 32 of Jacob's book.

3. 6-9 Sept 2011 

Sept. 5: Labor Day. University closed.

Read Jacob's book, pps. 33-57 (Chapter 3). 

Read Borders Chapter 2: The Differences between High School and College. (pps. 20-45)

Professionalization: Start becoming the pro that you want to be.

Friday, Sept. 9: Tour KTEP-FM studios, Cotton Memorial Bldg 203.

Do Activity 1.3 on pages 17-18 of the Borders book. Bring to class on Friday.

KTEP report

Weekly theme--Getting started. Assignment 3: A. Do Writing Exercise 1 on p. 57 of Jacob. OR,  B. Do Writing Exercise 3 on p. 58 of Jacob, but you may report on ANY cookbook or food-related book of your choice, not just the ones listed there. In your report, be sure to include an APA reference to the book you chose. Presented by Work Group 11.

4. 12-16 Sept 2011 

More pillars of rhetoric: kairos, audience, style. delivery.

Do Student Time Calculator, print out results.

Read Borders chapter 3: Preparing to learn.  (pps. 46-101)

Read Jacob, Ch.4, pps.59-107.

KTEP report

Weekly theme--Writing for an audience. Assignment 4: Do Writing Exercises 1 and 2 on p. 107 of Jacob.  Presented by Work Group 10.

5. 19-23 Sept 2011

Do test on Borders, Chapter 3.

Time management. More study hints and tips for College. How to manage being a highly educated adult. 

Organization report: Turn in the name of the organization you joined, Monday, Sept. 19 in class.

Read Borders Chapter 4: Making the Grade.  (pps. 66-101)

Read Jacob, 59-107.

KTEP report

Weekly theme--Becoming a successful college writer. Assignment 5: Do Writing Exercise 3, on p. 144 of Jacob. Presented by Work Group 9.

6. 26-30 Sept 2011 

Do test on Borders, Chapter 4.

Class meets in Library 336 on Monday, Sept. 26.


Read Borders chapter 5: Academic Resources. (pps. 102-117)

Read Jacob, Ch. 6, pps 145-177.

KTEP report

Weekly theme--Writing to evaluate.  Assignment 6: Do Writing Assignments 1 and 2 on page 177 of Jacob.  Presented by Work Group 8.

7. 3-7 Oct 2011

Spring 2012 schedule open for students to view in Goldmine October 3, 2011

Event Report 1 due by Friday, Oct. 7.

Do online quiz on Borders chapter 5.

Read Borders Chapter 6: Avoiding Hazards Along the Way. (pps 118-139)

Read Jacob, Ch. 7 (pps 179-200).

Turn in a printout of your Work Group's Midterm Collective Research Report on the cuisine of your choice, plus all individual KTEP reports, Friday, Oct. 7, in class.

Using your research sources (must be at least 4 different sources), first write up a complete (roughly 5 page) report on the specific regional cuisine your work group is researching, including this cuisine's favorite spices and flavors, favorite dishes, their origins, and their primary ingredients. Turn this in on Friday, October 7, 2011 in class, in hardcopy. (This will serve as your midterm exam). Be sure to cite your sources! 

KTEP report

Weekly theme-- Writing instructions. Assignment 7: Do Writing Exercises 1 and 3 on p. 200 of Jacob. Presented by Work Group 7.

8. 10-14 Oct 2011:  Midterm.  Weekly assignments due for midterm check.

Do online test on Borders, Chapter 6.

Exercise:  Dangers!

Organization Report: Note your participation in Minetracker by Monday, Oct. 10 if you have chosen to join an organization (voluntary).

Read Borders Chapter 7: Healthy Student Living. (pps. 140-165)

Respond to article on cookbooks.  See lesson plan.

KTEP report

Weekly theme: Writing about health and wellness. Assignment 8: Activity 7.1 on p. 155 of Borders. Presented by Work Group 6.

9. 17-21 Oct 2011 

Assessment activity that examines the student's interests, abilities, and values.

Do online quiz on Borders chapter 7.

Read Borders Chapter 8: Career Planning. (pps 166-183) Do exercise on p. 170.

Read Jacob, Ch.8 (pps. 201-222)

KTEP report

UTEP Career Services

Date: Friday/ 10/21/2011

Time/Location: 8:30 - 9:20/EDUC 318

Staff Assigned: Sofia Maragoudakis / Stephany Martinez


Weekly theme: Writing in a genre. Assignment 9: Writing Exercises 1 and 3 on p. 222 of Jacob. Presented by Work Group 5.

10. 24-28 Oct 2011

--- Annotated bibliography of research sources due in class.

Do online quiz on Borders, Chapter 8.

         Read Borders Chapter 9: Money Matters for the UTEP Student. (pps 166-183)

Read Jacob, Ch. 9 (pps. 223-243).


Library Orientation Wednesday, Oct. 26, in Library 204B.

KTEP report

Weekly theme--Writing about personal experiences. Assignment 10: Do Writing Exercises on p. 243 of Jacob Presented by Work Group 4.

11. 31 Oct - 4 Nov 2011: Collective Research Reports due for Peer Review on Monday.

Begin collective presentations.

Read Borders chapter 10: Campus Resources. (pps 204-208).

Read Campus Services page online.

Read Jacob, Ch. 10 (pps.245-261).

Extra Credit: Borders Feedback Form due by Nov. 14th.

KTEP report

Weekly theme--writing fictional narrative. Assignment 11: Do Writing Exercises 1 and 3  on pps. 260-261 of Jacob.  Presented by Work Group 3.

12. 7-11 Nov 2011 

Freshman registration for Spring, 2012 begins Nov. 11, 2011.  Term Registration Information page.

Personal attitudes and goals. Attitude quiz.  Student Collective Presentations.

Read Borders Glossary. (p. 209)

Read Jacob, Ch. 11, pps. 263-297.

UTEP Money Matters Program Friday, Nov. 11

KTEP report

Weekly theme--Rhetorical delivery. Assignment 12: Write a four-paragraph proposal for your own food book, like the example by N. Steele on pps. 267-8 of Jacob.   Presented by Work Group 2.  

13. 14-18 Nov 2011:

Borders feedback form due by Nov. 14 (Voluntary).

Finish video if necessary. Student collective presentations. Other activities to be announced.

Weekly theme--Primary research. Assignment 13:

Option 1: Interview your oldest living relative, and ask them if they ever had a significant experience of going hungry or not having enough to eat for some significant period (not just for a day or two). If so, write up the story in about four paragraphs.


Option 2: Interview your own oldest living relative who cooks or cooked, get the story of their personal recipe for their favorite dish, or another food-related story of theirs, and write it up in about four paragraphs.

Note: If you have no older living relatives, or are unable to interview any of your older relatives in the time available for this assignment, contact instructor for alternate instructions.

  Presented by Work Group 1.

Reread Foreword (pps. xi -xiii) of Jacob.

Organization Report due in class dropbox Monday, Nov. 14 before class.

KTEP report

14: 21-23 Nov 2011

Tentative: Videos related to theme of hunger.

Read "Sweet Here, Salty There: Evidence for a Taste Map in the Mammalian Brain." (Link works only on UTEP campus computers.) Also scan "A Gustotopic Map of Taste Qualities in the Mammalian Brain." For Wednesday, write a one-paragraph response to "Sweet Here, Salty There."

Thanksgiving Holiday Nov. 24-25.University closed.

All KTEP reports due Wednesday!

Weekly theme: Hunger. All pending assignments must be completed online 

15: 28-30 Nov 2011

Class meets in Library 336 on Monday, Nov. 28, for "Discover" program.

Second event report due by Monday, Nov 28.

Final Collective Report due Wednesday, Nov. 30.

Finish Video if applicable. "Discover" career exploration. Weekly theme: "food" as a rhetorical concept.  Semester ends . "Dead Day" Dec. 2, 2011.

Final exam

Monday, Dec. 5, 2011 10:00 am -12:45 pm

The Final exam will be in the usual classroom. Study questions will be made available in November.







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