Expository English Composition

Caution Information on this calendar applies only to courses taught by Owen Williamson. Spring, 2011.

Major assignments are due online by 3:00 pm on Friday of the indicated week.

MH = McGraw-Hill Guide; GFC = Guide to First-Year Composition       

Week One : Jan 18-21

Introduction to class and review of syllabus. Welcome survey.



Week Two: Jan 24-28

  • Assignment: Introduce Homepage

    • Include a 50 word introduction to your e-portfolio
    • Include 200 word biographical description of yourself
    • Provide a copyright and fair use statement
  • Resource: Explore sample professional homepages.

  • Read and print out UTEP rules on Web and Internet Access and Use

  • Discuss "Genre." See GFC p. 267. Relate this, and Discourse Communities, to Theme.


  • Resource: "Style"

  • (with possible exercise). Read GFC p.66.
  • Resource: Writing Rules

  • MH: Chapters 1-3

  • GFC: Chapter 2

  • Discourse Community Map and Response Activities (GFC p. 126-136)

  • Discourse Community Map and Response due online by Jan. 29, at 7:30 am. Worth 5% of your grade.



Week Three: Jan. 28-Feb. 4



Week Four: Feb. 7-11


Week Five: Feb. 14-18.



Week Six: Feb. 21-25



Week Seven: Feb. 28-Mar. 4

  • MH: Chapter 13

  • GFC: Community Problem Report Activities (GFC p. 166-173)

  • Exercise: Create a library of quotes for your report, with in-text citations.

  • Exercise: Create an executive summary of your report.

  • Exercise: List three discourse communities in favor of your standpoint and three against. Indicate what genres each discourse community typically uses for internal and for external communication.

  • Finally, indicate how you. personally, relate to the discourse communities in favor of your standpoint. Through your research and composition, are you in fact joining any of these discourse communities or drawing close to any? To what degree?

  • Exercise: Situating your work.


Week Eight: Mar. 7-11

  • Discuss conclusion on Comm. Prob. Report

  • Assignment: Introduce Rhetorical Analysis,

  • Discuss Rhetorical Analysis Grading Rubric

  • Resource:. See Slide Show on rhetoric.

  • Exercise: Find / decide on article on your theme to analyze!

  • Tentative exercise: How is knowledge typically created and shared in the particular discourse community or communities that have to do with your theme?

  • MH: Chapter 14, Chapter 9

  • Midterm Grades due.

10%of your grade













Spring Break March 14-18, 2011



Week Nine:  Mar. 21-25

  1. What real audience should see this piece of writing, or might even pay good money to read it? Why would they care?
  2. How well does this composition serve that audience? Why or why not?

Send response to special e-mail indicated in class.


Week Ten: Mar. 28 - Apr. 1

Cesar Chávez Day, Thu., Mar. 31, no classes.







Week Eleven: Apr. 4-8



Week Twelve: Apr. 11-15


Tentative: ENGL 1311 Symposium . Class members will be presenting in an undergraduate panel. Places are available for 25 students, first come, first served. Extra credit is available for attendance.





Week Thirteen: Apr. 18-21





APRIL 22, 2011. Study Day, no classes.

Week Fourteen: Apr. 25-29

Assignment: Continue Visual Argument. Discuss Memo:

  • Proper memo format for headings
  • Single-spaced block format
  • Traditional/professional font (Times New Roman, Cambria, Georgia, etc.)
  • 500-750 words in length




Week Fifteen: May 2-5






Week 16: Final Exam week

  • Exams are in normal classrooms.
  • Bring enough brochures for the entire class!
  • UTEP Exam Policy: Exemption from final examination may not be given.

  • Examination: Visual Argument due on Final Exam day. Worth 20% of your grade: 15% for brochure itself (including Memo), plus 5% for class presentation.
  • GFC: Presentation Guidelines (Brochure)
  • p. 228.

Final grades e-mailed to students by May 24, 2011

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